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March April 2024

Mar April 2024

The Weighty Whiskers Dilemma: Navigating The World Of Feline Obesity Toygers And Their Regal Stripes: Your Affectionate And Loyal Companion In Full Bloom: Springtime Safety Tips For Your Feline Friend Triumph With Taurine For Feline Wellness Nourishing Indoor Felines

Nourishing indoor felines

Whether you’re a long-time cat owner or just starting to explore the world of feline companionship, understanding your cat’s nutritional requirements is key to building a strong relationship with them.

Triumph with taurine for feline wellness

Taurine is an important part of your feline friend’s diet, but often its importance is overlooked. Get the daily dose of taurine for your pet with Signature Pet Foods.

Gala Pet Grooming Expo

A Pet Grooming Expo happened on 17th March 2024 at the ITC Maratha, Mumbai. It was organised by Dr Gurbuxani. The event got the Pet Industry and 100 groomers from across the country to meet, learn, discuss and form new bonds. There was excitement amongst attendees as it was a first of its kind event which got the professionals in the grooming sector together. The event was celebrated with…

Finding Fido: the ‘paw’fect match for you!

Picking the right pup for your family can be a challenge and is a lot more than just looking at his cute face. You need to asses various factors so that you and your pet create a happy bond for life!

Paws and Parsis in synch at PawZYNG

ZYNG has been associated with the Zoroastrian youth since 2009. It has successfully managed to connect the youth of today with the rich Parsi heritage and supported hundreds of events since its inception. They have always aimed to bring the community closer together especially for the age group of 15 – 40 years. And when talking about connections, how can we forget our furry friends? We all know…