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Nov Dec 2023

Nov Dec 2023

EDITORIAL Let there be love light joy…. always Paws and Parties – mastering the art of organizing pet-friendly events COVER STORY Eternal Euphoria with amazing Arcche GROOMING Groomed to ‘paw’fection Merry Christmas to your tailwagger! Santa Paws is coming to town: Fun Ways to Include Your Pooch in Holiday Celebrations The journey from chaos to – Understanding…

Nov Dec 2023

Toygers and their Regal Stripes: Unveiling their exquisite elegance ‘Purr’fectly protected - Cat proof decoration ideas to keep your feline friends safe Kitty yums Creamy Treats: A Delightful Bonding Experience Pawsing for Peace: Understanding Cat Anxiety Frosty Feline Fundamentals – Keeping your feline friends healthy and cozy in winters

Frosty Feline Fundamentals

The chilling winter months are here and it’s essential to ensure the well-being of our beloved feline companions. Bring in the festive cheer with love, care, and warmth for your beloved pets as you keep these winter safety tips handy!

Pawsing for Peace: Understanding Cat Anxiety

Just like us humans, anxiety in cats is a common occurrence. Most fears and anxieties in cats develop because of unpleasant early life experiences. Be a responsible pet parent and know what you can do to keep anxiety at bay for your feline friend.

kitty yums Creamy Treats:

Cats and their love for creamy treats is unmatched. Here’s how Drools is celebrating their love and giving your pets the best quality creamy treats!

‘Purr’fectly protected-

Balancing festivity and pet safety one rule at a time! Keep these tips in mind to cat proof your house for the upcoming festive season and keep the dainty décor and your naughty pet safe.

Toygers and their Regal Stripes:

Embark on a journey of opulence with the distinguished Toyger, a cat breed that’s known for its unique characteristics and resemblance to the big cats – tigers!

Decode nutrition with commercial kibble vs home cooked delights

Choosing the right diet for our canine companions is a crucial decision for pet parents, and the debate between commercial kibble and home-cooked food is at the forefront of this consideration. Find out how kibble takes a step higher in terms of advantages. –by