My 1year 5 month old 30 kg Labrador Scooby refuses to drink water. This might lead to some health problem. Please suggest a healthy diet for Scooby. For your reference, I give him rice/roti with chicken everyday for lunch and dinner. I give papaya, biscuits and chana for breakfast on alternate days while I feed him a bowl of milk in the evenings. Please help.


Though you haven’t mentioned what other liquid diet you are giving to your pet, still less water intake indicates less exercise. Please take him out for a run or a long walk and add other liquids in his diet such as diluted milk or soup. On an average, 60-80 ml/kg body weight water is required to maintain the normal fluid level. If Scooby is healthy and active, don’t bother, just enjoy his company!

Question by – Julie Dhariwal, Kolkata