My chocolate Labrador, who is eight-month-old, has been limping with her hind leg. Our vet diagnosed hip dysplasia. Currently she is on tablets but has not improved. Please advice.


The causes of hip dysplasia (HD) are complex and involve heredity and environmental factors such as overeating and rapid weight gain. Treatment for this problem is based on finding the underlying cause by physical examination, x-ray findings. Osteoarthritis (OA) can be a progressive problem in which pain and disuse lead to further deterioration of joint movement and function in dogs with HD. The conservative treatment includes enforced rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, and pain medication. Therapeutic exercise and physical modalities (cryotherapy, massage, thermotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation) may be indicated to enhance motion or reduce pain, allowing improved function. A physical therapy involves suitable exercise, avoiding obesity and, least important, medication. Low impact exercise is preferable, such as swimming or leashed walks. Many nutraceuticals and diets are promoted for management of joint problems. Please consult your vet before you make any change in the management.

Question by – Sonam Khanna, Chandigarh