My dog in excitement cannot hold his bladder when he goes to my friend’s house. He is a seven months old Beagle. He also has a spot in my friend’s house where he relieves himself. How can I train him not to do so?


Your pet may have developed the so-called submissive urination. Good socialisation and teaching your friends and regular visitors to have friendly approach with right body language are required and let them try sitting near him or encourage him to play by throwing a toy or ball. Find out what kind of play he likes most while interacting with your friends that help to build his confidence and relationship. This may take few weeks of time to achieve this and once he gets comfortable with them, ask them to pat or gently give loving rubdown. Good training with a good handler also builds self-esteem, confidence, and enjoyment in life for the submissive dog and it’s very important not to punish or scold him for this behaviour as it will only make the problem worse.

Question by – Abhimanyu Singh, Jallandhar