My dog is one-year-old and has developed Wobblers Syndrome. Please suggest treatment for this disease.


Cervical Spondylomyelopathy or Wobblers Syndrome is the most common disease of vertebral column in neck in large and giant-breed dogs. Young Great Danes to middle age Dobermans are commonly affected. It is believed to be mostly genetic but the body conformation and nutritional factors may also contribute development of the problem. Compression of spinal cord in the neck region causes weakness and wobbly gait affecting both front and hind legs. Imaging studies including X-ray and MRI are required to confirm the diagnosis. Approximately 50 percent of dogs may improve with medical management starting at the right time using anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy. Surgical treatment offers a success rate of approximately 70-80 percent. Consult your vet for further information.

Question by – Karthik, Bengaluru