My dog Sandy, a German Shepherd, is two years old and 41kg in weight. He always wants to stay at home and play and is reluctant to go outside for a walk. Please help us to train him for his walks.


Dogs are social animals and need mental as well as physical stimulation to keep them active and healthy. Keep an eye on his weight as overweight or obesity may make pets predispose to variety of medical problems including joint problems. Endocrine diseases like Hypothyroidism also make pet lethargic and lazy. Most dogs love toys and find them really fun. You’ll be happy to see that they can hold your dog’s attention for hours. Playing usually requires two participants, but with some toys, your dog can play on his own. Regular exercise will allow them to use up this excess energy, to toilet, mentally stimulate him and overall wellness to be better socialised with animals and people. Keep a routine for your pet. Please contact your vet who may run some investigations to find out any underlying medical problem for his inactivity.

Question by – Neeraj K Gautam, Kanpur