My five years old pet BoLT smells bad. There is no injury visible. His bath is regular. His vet has advised de-worming, but he still smells. Please help.


Significant malodour in dog is not normal and it may indicate a more serious disease process. Most often, bad smell usually originates from gum diseases, anal sacs diseases, yeast infection of skin particularly between digits and ears. Digestive disorders and systemic diseases, such as kidney failure and respiratory infections, may also account for some forms of oral malodour. The most common source of bad breath, however, is the mouth itself. Oral care for pets is not realised as a big problem but the reality remains that more than 80 percent of pets develop dental/gum issues (periodontal disease) by three years of age. Oral hygiene is one of the important parts of not only of healthy mouth but healthy body as well—regular brushing or dental chew sticks like Dentastix help to prevent such problems. Contact your vet to rule out any gum or skin disease. Feed him balanced pet food and use moisturising shampoo to reduce dryness of skin, if any.

Question by – Meeta Rana, Dwarka, New Delhi