My French Bulldog is 10 months old. When we go for a walk or new people come home he is extremely nervous of people and other dogs as he keeps barking. He also keeps following me and does not even like to sit alone. How do I make him calm?


‘Socialisation’ is the term describing the process by which a dog learns to relate to people, other dogs and his environment. You are basically aiming at preparing your puppy for all eventualities, so that whenever he encounters anyone or anything new, he will greet it with inquisitiveness rather than fear or aggression. Expose your puppy to all sights and sounds gradually and allow him to explore and learn for himself. It is essential that your dog is fully comfortable to be with people and other pets so introduce him to all sorts of different people and pets. When taking your puppy for a walk, take some tasty snacks for rewarding him. One way of getting good socialisation with other dogs and puppies is by attending so-called ‘puppy parties’ at your locality or your local dog training group, where your puppy can meet other dogs (and other people) in a friendly and structured environment. Lastly, through training, your dog will learn to understand what his human companions expect of him and be better equipped to fit into his environment.

Question by – Karishma Rana, Meerut