My German Shepard has awful ear infection. He doesn’t allow us to touch the ears to even check the condition. Sometimes he cries in pain. Had once got treated with vet, but not very effective. Can you help me with this?


Inflammation in ear canal may occur as a simple reaction due to parasites, overgrowth of microbes or growths. It may also arise from allergic disease like atopy or endocrine diseases or ear canal anatomical problems. Affected animals are often very irritated by the inflammation and exhibit signs such as scratching at the ear, shaking the head, holding the head tilted to one side. If inflammation or pain is severe at first that the ear cannot be handled painlessly, your vet may prescribe pills/administer injections to control pain/infection or clean ears under sedation. Failure to address the underlying cause in a pet with ear problem dooms one to treatment failure. Your vet may advise series of tests including cytology to find out the underlying cause. Your vet can show you how to properly clean and instill ear drops at home. Keeping your pet’s ears clean is important because it helps prevent an environment in the ears that promotes inflammation.

Question by – Chaitrali, Bengaluru