My Great Dane is six months old. Please advise me how to take care of her nutrition, grooming and exercise. Are they prone to any disease?


Pet parenting a dog is a big responsibility and giving your dog the best care and attention can help to improve the quality and length of your dog’s life. Feeding your dog a well balanced diet is clearly necessary to keep him fit and healthy, and there is a whole variety of different types of products to choose from, including diets designed for specific stages of life and food which deliver additional health benefits. Great Dane becomes an adult by 18-24 months of age and feed the puppy food until this age. Other activities such as exercise, training, grooming and regular visits to vet are equally important to keep your dog happy and healthy. Maybe one of the most important aspects to ensure a happy relationship between you, your family and your dog is to ensure that your dog’s requirements can be matched by your lifestyle and environment. Great Danes are prone to skeletal/joint problems during growth and make sure he gets reputed large breed puppy food.

Question by – Dilip Seth, Rajkot