My Labrador pup is teething and chews everything available around. How do I prevent her from such activity?


Most chewing behaviour is seen in young puppies due to their strong desire to explore. As dogs mature, this desire decreases and they are less likely to be destructive. This type of behaviour may start after a change in the dog’s routine or as a result of boredom. It is important that the whole family does not encourage the puppy to chew or bite. If the puppy does try to bite, command ‘No’ and distract her attention with a toy. Many of these habits can be modified quite easily if done correctly and persistently. Act early before bad habits become established. Ignore your puppy when she behaves inappropriately, rather than giving her attention. Provide chew toys that do not resemble in appearance/texture of unacceptable chew items or put an aversive substance (bitter apple, etc.) on unacceptable chew items. Exercise and play with your dog regularly to alleviate excess energy and provide positive interaction. Reward your dog with praise for chewing on appropriate items.

Question by – Shiva Dutta, Kolkata