My pet dogs, Dililah and Simba, are having tick infestation problem. Please help.


A generalised tick cycle consists of egg, larva, nymph and adult. The different life stage of ticks may be found on dogs before they engorge with blood. Ticks lay their eggs (as many as 18,000 in some species) in sheltered areas on or near the ground. Successful control of ticks depends on eliminating these pests from the dog and the environment. The use of the tick control medications must be preceded by a thorough vacuuming; special attention should be paid to the areas under furniture, carpets, near pet bedding and along moldings. Make sure that other pets/dogs your dogs frequently contact/visit are free from fleas and ticks. Tick control should be done year-round, as different tick species are active at different times of the year although they tend to increase in number during warm weather. Tick control products for adult dogs include a variety of drugs and chemicals available as collars, shampoos, sprays, dips, powders, long-lasting topical spot on. Once-a-month or three-month tablets are becoming popular for successful control of ticks. Ask your vet.

Question by – Divyani Ghosh, Bhopal