My pet Max eats stones and rubbish items. What should I do to stop this bad habit?


Most chewing behaviour is seen in young puppies due to their strong desire to explore. Therefore, it is necessary that acceptable outlets for this behaviour be provided. If the puppy does try to pick stones, rubbish, etc, command ‘No’ and distract his attention with a toy or sound. Act early before bad habits become established. Reward your dog with praise for chewing on appropriate items. Ignore your puppy when he behaves inappropriately, rather than giving him attention. Many of these habits can be modified quite easily if done correctly and persistently. Acceptable chew items include toys stuffed with food, rope toys and other chew toys that have been made attractive using food. To fit into the family circle, your puppy must be taught to recognise his name and such commands as ‘Come’, ‘Heel’ ‘Lie Down’ and ‘Sit’. Exercise and play with your dog regularly to alleviate excess energy and provide positive interaction.

Question by – Devansh Mishra, Lucknow