My pet’s name is Tin Tin. We will soon become parents. What precautions should the “would be parents” take during pregnancy period and after the birth of the baby? Also, Tin Tin is losing a lot of hair and salivates profusely? Apart from this, we are also very concerned about the difference the birth of the baby will make to Tin Tin as our attention would be divided. How should we handle this?


Hair do not grow continuously in dogs but rather in cycles (Mosaic pattern). Photo period is main factor besides nutrition, genetics, health that can cause dogs to shed hair excessively during some seasons and can be physiological. Dog hair can be a problem only to those who have developed allergy to it. Some diseases found in dogs can be transferred to humans, so it is essential to insist on strict hygiene rules for the entire family. Because young children/baby may not fully understand the importance of personal hygiene, the pet that has not yet been toilet trained poses a health risk for children crawling around. They can put their hands in dog faeces, and pick up certain skin infections or roundworm eggs from the floor or ground. Young children are likely to have less resistance than adults and can pick up a mild or serious type illness. Likewise, saliva from infected dogs might transmit certain infections to susceptible babies.

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