My Pomeranian is suffering from hair loss. Could you advice me how to treat his problem?


The skin is a large, metabolically active organ with a high demand for protein and other nutrients. Consequently, alterations in the animal’s internal environment, particularly his own nutrient supply, are reflected in the condition of skin and coat. A healthy coat is less likely to have a lot of loose hair to shed. Unlike human beings, hair growth cycle is different in dogs. Their hair does not grow continuously. Hair growth cycles vary depending on genetic and growth factors, age, breed, sex, location (region of the body), hormonal influence, stresses, nutrition, blood loss, high fever, acute onset of diseases, numerous environmental factors (day length or photoperiod, grooming, harsh climate, friction and trauma), clipping, grooming and drug therapy. A daily brushing works best because it helps to get rid of all of your dog’s loose hair. If you can’t brush him every day, aim for at least two good brushings per week. A balanced diet that is rich in fatty acids, minerals like zinc and digestible proteins will keep your dog’s coat strong and healthy, and will help decrease excessive shedding.

Question by – Arjun Pillai, Palghar