My six-year-old German Shepherd is having infection on her front leg near the elbow area. It’s a black patch. I have seen many dogs have that kind of patch, but in my dog’s case it bleeds when she licks the area with little puss coming out. As per vets’ advice I have tried many medicines and creams, but it’s not healing, maybe because she keeps licking it. I need your advice on this?


Considering the location and signs, your pet could be having callus pyoderma or deep pyoderma, which is simply bacterial infection of skin most often secondary to underlying causes. Certain factors that can predispose to this condition include pressure sore, parasites or allergies, etc. Some German Shepherds also develop unique skin diseases termed as German Shepherd pyoderma whose underlying cause is not yet established. I suggest you to consult vet who can run skins crape,ytology, culture and biopsy if required to find the cause.

Question by – Sankriti, Lucknow