My three-month-old Beagle pup has a habit of biting when she is playing and she gets excited on seeing my son. I’m afraid this will develop into a regular behaviour.


Most chewing behaviour is seen in young puppies due to their strong desire to explore. As dogs mature, this desire decreases. The dog will find it hard to distinguish between what it can and cannot chew, therefore having their own toys will help define suitable chewing items. If the puppy does try to bite, command ‘NO’ and distract their attention with a toy. Many of these habits can be modified quite easily if done correctly and persistently. When the pup stops the bad behaviour, make sure you reward her with ‘GOOD (puppy’s name)!’ Exercise and play with your dog regularly to alleviate excess energy and provide positive interaction. Make sure that you puppy is well socialised.

Question by – Roland Dey, Kolkata