My three-year-old female Labrador is shedding a lot. Please advise me what should I do to prevent it?


Dogs shed hair due to their unique hair growth cycle and seasonal hair shedding. For example, photoperiod (light intensity) is a main factor besides nutrition, genetics, health that can cause dogs to shed hair excessively during some seasons and is physiological or normal. Dogs also may shed excessive hair because of stress, harsh climate and general illness. If the degree of shedding appears abnormal, or if she has signs of serious skin problems or fleas, consult your veterinarian. Medical conditions such as thyroid disease or skin allergies can cause excessive shedding. Itching of paws and genital area are common signs of allergic diseases. Some tips to prevent or reduce hair shedding includes keeping skin and hair coat healthy by regular brushing, bath and feeding balanced diet which is rich with nutrients like zinc, fatty acids and high-quality proteins.

Question by – Rahul, Faridabad