My Toy Pomeranian is 45 days pregnant. We try to prevent her from jumping. But she often jumps up and down on our bed. Is it harmful? What about climbing steps? Please tell us how do we make a DIY whelping box?


Going for a walk, playing, chasing a ball or doing any exercise your dog is used to should be safe during pregnancy. Try to avoid situations for excessive jumping or physical activities. Choose a safe and secluded area that is safe and away from household traffic patterns. Provide a box or clean place approximately one and half times length of your pet to stretch and deliver her puppies. Provide railings or ledge/bumper about three inches from floor to prevent dam suffocating a puppy when caught between her and side of the box. Line the box/area with soft and warm washable clothes to give puppies good footing for nursing and crawling. Avoid hay, straw or shavings as well as large blankets that may allow puppy to crawl underneath. Introduce your dog to the box/place about one week before the expected delivery date to allow your dog to become acclimated.

Question by – Dinakaran, Chennai