Simba, our two-year-old Spaniel, gets excited when friends are visiting and he always urinates. How can I train him not to do so?


Your pet may have developed the so-called submissive urination. Some helpful tips to reduce these problems include exercising your dog before guests arrive—more relaxed or ready to take a nap. Avoid excited greetings when you come home and try to come in quietly. If the arrival of guests makes your dog excitable, give him a break in his crate/kennel or in a quiet room with a familiar doggie bed or blanket. Allow your pooch to join the guests after the initial commotion has subsided. Teach your dog to sit, even when excited. You may also try keeping your pet under your control (leash or harness) for few minutes until all your guests are settled and gradually try without leash. Find out what kind of play he likes most while interacting with your friends that hep to build his confidence and relationship. It takes time and practice. Good luck!

Question by – Anmol Gosh, Kolkata