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Drools exporting goodness to the world

Drools® commitment to providing the right foundation of longevity through holistic nutrition, is now a well-established fact. We believe that pet parents would feed their pets as they would feed their human children – healthy and nutritious meals made using clean, human grade ingredients.

Decoding dog diet with notes on nutrition

Providing food for the body, mind, and soul – a pet-parent’s prime responsibility! Lack of proper nutrition can cause deficiency of certain nutrients and may even result in obesity. –by Dr HS Madhusudhan

Wellness is Wealth –

Communication is a two-way street. If you wish your pet understands you, then you too need to understand what your pet is trying to tell you. Wellness is the biggest wealth for your pets. Find out more about it! –by Karan Shah

Beauty & Bounty of Beagles

A breed described as ‘merry’ by their fanciers, Beagles are loving and lovable, happy and companionable – all qualities that make them excellent family dogs. –by Dr HD Lohith and C Santosh Kumar (Breeder)

18 Facts About Barking!

It is so heart-warming to hear your dog’s soft bark when you enter home after a long day! It’s equally frustrating when your dog barks excessively at sights, sounds and sometimes even smells. –by Varsha Verma

Excelling With Education

Nestled amongst the pristine hills of Palampur, Dr GC Negi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences has continued its glorious journey since its inception in 1986 to provide excellent facilities for quality education and academic rigor, ensuring professional success of students. –by Prof Mandeep Sharma, Dr Adarsh Kumar, and Dr Virender Pathak

Skin Support, One Step at a Time

Pets can suffer from a large variety of skin problems caused by allergies, parasites, bacterial and fungal infections, metabolic issues, and immune disorders. Learn all about skincare for pets and keep their skin and coat healthy. –by Dr B Nagarajan

Pet Professionals Put Their Best Paw Forward!

Pet professionals — groomers, vets, pet shop owners, and trainers— have helped your pet in more ways than one. As we celebrate our 18th anniversary, here’s showing our respect and understanding what they have to say!

Simba & His Sensational Homecoming

Simba came into our life as a blessing! It all started with a picture shared on a Facebook group that reported abandoned puppies. We were keen to rescue and wanted to ensure all the puppies get loving homes. But Simba stuck with us and it has been a life-changing experience. –by Dia Seth

Managing Mange Menace in Dogs!

Ever wondered why your pet keeps scratching himself so frequently? It might be because of the agents inhabiting his body that cause irritation. The most common ones are ticks, mite, and fleas. Find out how ticks and mites intrude your pet’s body and become a perennial problem for your beloved pooch!

Beat the heat delicious smoothies for your pets

On days when the sun is shining bright and it is so hot that you don’t feel like stepping out or eating anything, you pet also feels the same. A lot of dogs tend to become picky eaters because of the rising temperature. If you are also worried about your pet’s nutrition and health, then you need to try these delicious and easy to make smoothies. Smoothies are also a great option if you want your…

Laparoscopy: A blessing for your FURBALL

Whenever a pet parent has to take a call for any kind of surgery of their pet it becomes a matter of concern because of the high risk of anesthesia and also the post operative care. But with laparoscopic surgeries, pet parents can heave a sigh of relief!

Dashing & Dapper— Dobermans at Their Best!

A lot of people get intrigued by Dobermans and often they come out to be ferocious and aggressive. But on the contrary, they are loving beings and protectors who become great companions. Know more about this amazing breed.

Breaking the bridge of love with emotional neglect

Emotional neglect is a process in which the caregiver fails to recognise the emotional needs of a dog, due to which he fails to meet those needs. It is usually an unintentional act of passivity and does not involve malicious intent. What are the emotional needs of your pet? To recognise and prevent emotional neglect, one needs to know what kind of emotional needs dogs have. Emotional needs…

Busting common myths about pet food and nutrition

Many pet parents make decisions about pet foods based not on facts, but on the many common myths and misconceptions that prevail. As a responsible pet parent, it is important to understand the science behind the food and nutritional requirement of your furry friends. Myth: The Ingredient list is a right approach to determine the quality of a pet food Truth: Ingredient lists are commonly used by…

Canine Creek The Ultimate Diet for Your Pet!

Formulated for the health and well-being of puppies and adults, Canine Creek–life preservation formula is made with the finest natural ingredients and features—48 percent real chicken, gluten-free fruits & vegetables like apples, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, pomegranate, pumpkins and spinach

The Quest for Happiness –The K9 Way!

A home filled with wagging tails, paw prints and slobbery kisses is a happy place! If you want to know the true meaning of unconditional love and unmatched happiness, then you need to ask a pet parent or be one!  Aren’t we all searching for the elusive, ‘Happiness’, with each action of ours directed towards embracing it? How often do we get undiluted happiness or even come close to it? When are…