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Getting ready for a ‘paw’some welcome!

Bringing home a puppy is perhaps the most enriching experience in many people’s lives. It’s a moment of immense joy and love. However, there’s a lot you need to do to welcome and make your new friend feel at home. –by Rangnath Tamboli and Saba Poonawala

Emotions of emptiness no more: Handle separation anxiety in pets like a pro!

Separation anxiety, when your pet has this constant fear of being left alone and abandoned and finds it difficult to spend even a few hours without you. Post COVID lockdowns a lot of pet parents are facing this issue. So, here’s how you can handle this and keep your furry friends happy! –by Subhadra Cherukuri

Dog.alicious – Drooling its way to the heart

This is the story of two sisters who turned their love for dogs into a full-time career. Read on to find how Sreya and Sowmya founded Dog.alicious – a pet bakery that’s all heart and happiness! –by Sreya Killamshetty

The e-commerce Story of Drools

Drools is a brand that needs no introduction. It has been winning hearts since many years. And now the brand is focusing on growth and expansion through e-commerce platforms. Read about their endeavors and how they’re leaving no stone unturned to help you and your furry friends.

Mystery of Milk: Is it safe for your pooch?

Dairy products can have great benefits for humans. They’re rich in vitamin D and calcium, which can help keep your teeth and bones healthy and strong. Milk has a lot of benefits for humans, but when it comes to our furry friends it might not be as beneficial as you think it is.

RIGHT Nutrition for your furry friend

As a pet parent, it’s essential to understand the nutritional requirements as young animals have unique nutritional needs crucial for their growth, development, and overall health. Therefore, providing your furry friend with the right balance of nutrients is key to ensuring a healthy start to their life.

Paws- Pective FROM your PAWS!

Man and dog have shared a symbolic relationship over centuries. However, throughout this journey, the very fabric of the relationship has been sewn from man’s perspective. It is time for us to pause and ask our furry friends an existential question, - “Who are you?” –by Arathi Sen

The lavish lifestyle of our paw-some friends

Know how pet parents are bestowing their love, affection, and wealth on their pets. These obscenely lavish four-legged friends are wealthier than most of us can ever be. –by Aneesha Prakash

10 cool grooming tips for hot summer days!

A responsible and caring pet parent is careful about his pet’s well-being during hot weather. We give them shade, water, cool place to snooze and exercise during cooler parts of the day. However, one crucial aspect of pet care that is often overlooked is grooming, which can greatly help your pet beat the summer heat. Let’s see how. –by Varsha Verma

Keep your furry friends healthy with expert nutrition

In the recent times, world over, we have noticed humanization of pets. The emotional bond, the sense of indispensability, the love and affection for them have made our new age pet parents zealous to research and learn everything about their furry friends.

Perfect pampering destination – The Pet Point

The Pet Point – one stop solution for all your pet care related needs. Find out more how this pet store came into existence and through the years how it has become a loved name among its clients.

Voice of Lady Veterinarians- SHAKTI -2

Lady vets are strong and resilient. In today’s time they are taking the veterinary world by storm. Here’s how they are creating new milestones and overcoming challenges read about the 2nd Lady Vet Convention of Indian Veterinary Association. –by Dr Sheela Jadhav


Humans have always shared a close bond with animals. If we take a deeper look at Hindu mythology, we see that so many of our Gods and Goddesses have animals as their Vahanas (mount). Read on to know how the human-animal bond has been going on for centuries and has evolved with modern times. –by Dr Jairam Ramani

Mankind Pharma launches PetStar

“The PetStar brand, which aims to provide nutritious and healthy food for pets (dogs and cats),” says Chanakya Juneja, director Mankind Pharma Ltd in conversation Smita Dwivedi.

Make your pooch Paparazzi ready with Pupparazzi

Meet Tyana Somani, certified canine obedience trainer. She’s here to help you understand all about your puppy biting – why they do it, how to handle it, and the right age to start puppy training. –by Tyana Somani