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Spotlight on Canine Mammary Tumors

Several types of cancers can be seen among dogs. Out of all kinds of cancers, the occurrence rate of canine mammary tumour is higher than any other types. Here’s all that you should know so that you can keep your furry friends safe and healthy. –by Dr Arkaprabha Gupta & Dr Debotri Mondal

From woofs to wellness – the magic of massage for your pooch

If self-care is your love language, it is time that it translates to your pets as well. Take your pet’s wellness to the next level with massage therapy for your furry friend. Learn how you can easily do it at home and also know more about aromatherapy for dogs.

Win them with faith: Training tips for your fearful pooch!

There are the ‘social butterfly’ pets who greet every new situation with an excited tail wag. And then there are pets who feel overwhelmed by even a small stimulus. The fear they feel is not their fault. It is a cumulative effect of nature and nurture. The ‘fight or flight’ defense mechanism is turned up a few extra notches in fearful dogs.

Aashray for Animals: Champions of compassion

If you are in Durgapur, West Bengal, drive through the peaceful road with the help of Google maps to ‘Aashray for Animals’. The drive is amazing and when you reach the place, it is an even more enjoyable and lovely experience with the furry residents!

Nourishing Your Furry Friend with a 100% Vegetarian Diet

When it comes to dog nutrition, it’s essential to make informed choices that cater to canine companions’ unique dietary needs. At Drools, we’ve taken a bold step by introducing a 100% vegetarian pet food range, specially designed to provide balanced nutrition for all life stages, from playful puppies to active adults. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of feeding a 100% vegetarian diet…

Celebrating Festivals with Furry Friends-

India’s festival season, spanning from October to December, is a time of cultural richness, jubilation, and unity. As we embark on this season of celebrations, it’s crucial to recognize that our loyal canine companions are an integral part of our lives and deserve our utmost care and consideration during these festivities. While we immerse ourselves in the joy of the season, it’s paramount to…

Singer Akriti Kakar’s Adorable Audio

Apart from being a popular singer, composer, and reality singing show judge, Akriti Kakar is a dog mom too. Here, Dogs & Pups sets out a journey into the heart of this lady with a powerhouse of melody to discover the room of love she keeps for her pooch Audio.

Decoding Dog Doo:

Welcome to the illuminating world of dog poops - an unexpected adventure filled with valuable insights about your furry friend’s happiness! Poop is a subject that may not be the most glamorous but is undeniably essential for every pet parent and veterinarian.

DogoBarkery- Life is what you bake of it!

Pet parents from Surat can now pamper their pets with delectable bakery items specially created for them. ‘DogoBarkery’ is a unique bakery that serves healthy items created just for pets.

Unlocking the secrets to optimal pet nutrition

Optimal nutrition is crucial for your pet’s health and is vital for the management of certain illnesses. Today, pet parents have ample choices when it comes to pet food brands. But as a pet parent, how do you make the optimal nutritional choice for your pet?

Know what your Paw Friends have to say

Sometimes animals are just happy when there is someone to lend an ear. Mumbai-based corporate communication professional turned animal communicator Priyanka Hosangadi has lots to share with us.

Raising a confident pooch

Raising a confident pet means teaching your pet about our complicated world and guiding him through it. There are many things that contribute to a pet’s personality and temperament, so let’s understand them together.

Mental Stress and anxiety

In today’s era, anxiety and mental stress are increasing in humans. But even our furry friends get affected by these and as pet parents it is your responsibility to understand the difference between mental stress and anxiety.

Know your shih Tzu:

The reign of the little lion! With their magnificent mane and regal demeanour, Shih Tzu means ‘little lion’ in Mandarin. Reminiscent of their heritage as esteemed pets of Chinese emperors, Shih Tzu’s are affectionate companion animals who form strong attachments in the warmth of a loving home and have a way of filling your life with unconditional love and boundless joy, read on.

Remembering Pawprints on the Sands of Myth and Reality

Since time immemorial dogs have held a special place as loyal companions, protectors, and symbols of unwavering devotion. From the pages of Hindu mythology to the annals of history, our loving canines have left an indelible mark, embodying virtues that transcend time and culture. As we celebrate D&P’s 19th anniversary, we embark on an enchanting journey to explore the captivating tales of 19…

19 Pawsome reasons to bless yourself with a tailwagger!

Unless you have shared your life with a pooch, you do not know what you are missing in life. Their ability to uplift our mood and provide love and companionship is truly remarkable and one of the many reasons why they are considered man’s best friend.