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Oh Boy! Why you annoy?

He might not be having a good day or she might be grumpy, and then if you annoy them don’t expect a wagging tail in return. Read about these human things that you might be doing to annoy your pet!

The good grooming guide

Just like you treat yourself to a spa day, your pet also deserves it! Learn how professional grooming can make a huge difference in your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The doggo who came to stay…

Every Dog deserves a home. Dogs are our Best Friends in Sickness and in Health… No matter what I am today or will be tomorrow, having you in my life makes me feel rich.

Spread that holiday cheer, without obesity fear!

Holidays and festivals are the time when we tend to gain a lot of weight. The same is true for your pets as well, especially if they are of these 10 breeds. Read on to know the 10 most susceptible breeds prone to obesity.

Be an awesome ‘paw ’- parent in these 9 ways

Whether you are new ‘paw’-parent or deciding on being one, there are a couple of things you need to know before you start on a new adventure. The relation of each pet and pet parent is special and unique and these tips will help strengthen your bond.

18 Ways to be a Better Dog ‘Paw’son

Strive to be the person your dog thinks you are! And when we all do this collectively, the world would be a better place. Dogs and Pups has been a flag-bearer of responsible pet parenting for 18 years now! - by Kritika Manchanda

18 Facts About Barking!

It is so heart-warming to hear your dog’s soft bark when you enter home after a long day! It’s equally frustrating when your dog barks excessively at sights, sounds and sometimes even smells. –by Varsha Verma

Pet Professionals Put Their Best Paw Forward!

Pet professionals — groomers, vets, pet shop owners, and trainers— have helped your pet in more ways than one. As we celebrate our 18th anniversary, here’s showing our respect and understanding what they have to say!

Care is the best way to your pooch love!

The monsoon has ended and before we know it, winter is upon us. It’s time to bring the woollens out and get ready for the nip in the air. But what about our furry family members? Winter nutrition? Luckily for them, the fur does the job of insulating them from the cold, but there is much more that connects this season and your dog’s health. –by Mitu Paul

Puppy care made simpler!

The first look, the first touch, the first lick… is always so special. We cherish the endearing bond that a puppy shares with his mother and we understand the extra care that the mother needs. It could be the exhaustion from the deliveries or a large number of pups in a litter or any other medical examinations.–by Mitu Paul

Pups are Precious— Nurture Them Right

Experience magic and be prepared for the best journey of your life with your canine companions. Here’s all that you want to know about caring for a new born puppy. -by Dr Pranav Anjaria, Dr Varun Asediya and Dr Suhaas Takoo

Chugging Moments with travel Tails

Winding tracks, alluring destinations, and a pawfect companion to share your travel tales. Seems like a scene out of a fairy tale? But this is exactly what the heart desires! Read on to make your train travels terrific! –by Dr Ankur Narad, Dr RK Jain, Dr Nidhi Shrivastava and Dr Supriya Shukla

15 Ways to Adore more while they age

As pet parents there is one thing that most of us agree upon – Age is just a number. When our beloved pets are aging, their puppy eyes look and mischief don’t go away, and actually why should it! It is this naughtiness which makes them the shining light of our life. You should understand that your pet undergoes various changes with age. These changes can be related to their health, coat, bones,…

The One Stop Solution for diagnostics

VETLAB is a division of All Vet Diagnostic Solutions, which provides services of veterinary diagnostic and imaging. The company is managed by a team of techno professionals. It is a NABL Accredited (ISO/IEC-17025-2005) and one stop solution for all veterinary lab tests. The services offered include – lab tests, imaging and specialised tests. Genesis and idea behind The story behind this venture…

PETCART Nest: An eco-friendly abode for your furry friends

PETCART Nest is an exquisite luxury eco-friendly pet resort developed after intensive research of more than two years with pet parents, practicing veterinarians and industry experts. The aim is to provide the most sought after pet resort in the country. The resort is located in Bangalore. Right from check-in to check-out, we have detailed process which ensures our guests are taken care…

A dog is about to bite but can you tell?

It is usually after a dog bite has happened that the pet parents are horrified and often say: I had no idea. I couldn’t tell. He never does this. He has never done this in his life. However, there is a good chance that their dog was displaying signs of deep stress and agony for a while before she finally let go and bit, only the clueless humans didn’t know how to ‘listen’ to heir pet. Recently…

14 Essentials for the CANINE TRAVELLER

Many pet parents opt for pet boarding facilities or even getting a dog-sitter if they plan to go out of town. But sometimes, taking your little one along is the best decision. Read these 14 tips that’ll turn you and your doggie into pro travelers. 1.Remember that dogs get travel anxiety, thus experiment with short trips beforehand Do you get motion sickness in a car, or feel nervous when a…