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Breaking the shackles of bad Behaviour

If you are a new pet parent, there would be many behaviours of your pet that you might find strange and sometimes even annoying. You need to keep calm and handle it all with care. Learn what behaviours reveal. –by Malaika F.

Emotions of emptiness no more: Handle separation anxiety in pets like a pro!

Separation anxiety, when your pet has this constant fear of being left alone and abandoned and finds it difficult to spend even a few hours without you. Post COVID lockdowns a lot of pet parents are facing this issue. So, here’s how you can handle this and keep your furry friends happy! –by Subhadra Cherukuri

Make your pooch Paparazzi ready with Pupparazzi

Meet Tyana Somani, certified canine obedience trainer. She’s here to help you understand all about your puppy biting – why they do it, how to handle it, and the right age to start puppy training. –by Tyana Somani

Wellness is Wealth –

Communication is a two-way street. If you wish your pet understands you, then you too need to understand what your pet is trying to tell you. Wellness is the biggest wealth for your pets. Find out more about it! –by Karan Shah

Pet Professionals Put Their Best Paw Forward!

Pet professionals — groomers, vets, pet shop owners, and trainers— have helped your pet in more ways than one. As we celebrate our 18th anniversary, here’s showing our respect and understanding what they have to say!

Learning ‘ABC’ of Aggression Basics in Canines

For a professional dog trainer, it is really important to build a connection. It takes years of experience and of course expertise to understand what your pet might be going through. Here is how and why pet dogs become aggressive and as a pet parent what can be done to control it. –by Prateek Kashyap

No more suffering when the bell rings!

Do you also end up shouting at your over-excited dog when the bell rings, hoping that somehow he calms down? If this resonates with you, then this is what you should be reading!–by Siddh Trivedi

Awesome ‘Paw’some Pet Training

Truly said that a pet is a bundle of joy! When we bring them into our homes, we want them to be a part of our life and socialise with our friends and family. Dogs are good learners, but they need time and attention to get adapted to their new life and this is where training helps. –by Unnati Hunjan

The Language of Love–Teaching Sign Language to Dogs

The process of sign language is the same for dogs who are born deaf or those who have become deaf due to age or any illness. Love needs no language, but with the help of sign language you can teach your pet a whole new meaning of life and build a stronger connection with him. –by Priyanka D Ajgaonkar

Train Your Pet Indoors With These Amazing Games

With the pandemic life has taken a full turn by making us change our habits and lifestyle. But as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining… we get time to spend with our family and that includes your four legged family too. And that is indeed a blessing to be grateful for. –by Karishma Dewan Nohwar

50 ways to keep your pooch Hale, Hearty & Healthy!

We all want our canine companions to live long, happy, and healthy lives. This can be done by making positive lifestyle choices. With a little caution and planning, we can keep them hale and hearty.  –by Alka Paul Celebrating the 100th Issue of Dogs & Pups, here are fifty quick wellness tips that will keep your pet in excellent physical and mental health. 1. Robust and strong with…

Talking to Your Dog, Smart, Not Crazy!

A lot of people talk to their dogs, and if you think this is crazy, well, you are crazy! Any pet parent that denies talking to their dog is either not a very good pet parent or is lying. There is nothing embarrassing about having a little heart to heart with your pet.  –by Garima Singhal It is known that talking to one’s child improves bonds between parent and child. Recent studies suggest…

Train & Gain 50 Amazing Training Tips for Your Playful Pooch

Having a pet is the most wonderful thing in the world. They are the epitome of loyalty, affection and unconditional love. Their morning kisses and cuddles cannot be traded for anything at all! In our 99th issue we share with you 50 amazing tips to become better pet parents. Truth be told, sometimes it can get tiresome and frustrating if your bundle of joy does not behave the way you want…

Paw’sitive Training for the true Canine Citizen

Have you given your relationship with your dog a thought? It is about teaching your pet obedience commands, it is teaching him to live a principled life with you. -by Purushotham, CDTA Dogs learn from voice modulation and body language. A solid foundation for a strong building! Dogs can master simple as well as complicated tasks. And basic obedience training would lay a great foundation…

16 Golden Tips to Strengthen Your Bond With Your Canine Companion

One of the best ways to bond with your beloved pet is training time. Learn to train with consistency, patience, teamwork & more.  -by Ragini Bhandari 1. House rules in place Create house rules before your puppy even comes home. This way you’ll be letting your puppy know right from the beginning, what is and is not acceptable for him to do - if everyone in the family is consistent and on the…

16 Key Training Essentials to Implement

Your furry friend is your perfect companion for life. But have you wondered how do your neighbours and friends feel about him? It all depends on how well trained your pet is. Learning commands makes your pet realise exactly what you want from him. And some of these commands are playful to do with your dog. It’s important for your pet to be friendly, socialise and at the same time to be in…

Lock & Unlock—Let’s Find the Key!

We are living in strange times these days, hit by a pandemic that has spread to 216 countries around the globe and caused many deaths worldwide. -by Garima Singhal The world is gripped by a wave of pandemic. Since asymptomatic individuals can be carriers of the deadly disease and can rapidly spread it, it is imperative to limit the movement of people to prevent the wide scale spread of the…


As our fight against COVID-19 virus continues each one of us will emerge as a winner. We feel the pain for pet parents and can understand how difficult the lockdown is for animals because we cannot explain to them why suddenly out of the blue their lives have changed. -by Priti Chauhan Sometimes we go overboard because of the guilt of not being able to take our pets out, while other times we…


If you have noticed that your pet becomes irritate, incessantly growls, and gets anxious, then all these are warning signs for behavioural disorder in dogs. Just like you teach your kids the good and bad and be patient with them, the same holds true for your furry kids. Be patient with them and handle behavioural disorder like a pro! –by Dr Gautam Anand Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in…


Dog training and behaviour is very logical. All that’s needed from our side is a logical mind and being conscious of how we reward or reprimand a particular behaviour. Depending upon the consequences, a behaviour increases or decreases. If a behaviour is rewarded it’s likely to increase and if a behaviour is ignored it’s likely to decrease. Did you know your dogs are constantly observing…