Athletic & Affectionate LaPerm


Denise Abraham
LaPerm is known for being a ‘dog-like’ cat in nature. This small but affectionate cat breed loves to play fetch, follows pet parent around the house and greets you at the door. Know more about this courteous curly LaPerm.
Once upon a time, not so very long ago, in the year 1982, a working barn cat gave birth to a bald kitten in a cherry orchard in Oregon. As the kitten grew, he developed a coat of curls. Several years passed, and it was noted that the orchard had several of these curly type cats running around. A visitor to the orchard encouraged the pet parent, Linda Koehl, to have these curly cuties examined at an upcoming cat show and thus began the excitement of this very unique breed of cat.
Distinct curls
The textures of the curls in LaPerm are totally different from that of any of the other curly breeds. Genetics and even the quirky personality are special to this particular breed. The curls are springy, coarse and yet surprisingly soft. They come in both long and short hair, are considered hypo-allergenic, and are lesser shedding than the average cat.
Loving personalities
As for their personalities, LaPerms are super affectionate and they want all the attention possible, and if it is not enough, they will demand more by grabbing a passing arm or jumping to a passing set of shoulders. This breed is also known to be dog-like and he will often play fetch, follow pet parents around the house or town (if allowed out), and will greet you at the door. Comments abound when people notice it is a cat at the end of the leash or that the passing vehicle has a cat peering at them while perched upon their pet parent’s lap or shoulders.
Problem solver
However, ‘graceful’ as cats are often known to be is not one of those qualities that LaPerms possess. They may not possess grace, but they do possess the ability to problem solve. Think you need a break from all the purring and rubbing, and placing themselves between you and the computer, newspaper, or whatever else you may be working on? Well don’t count on locking them up.  Just recently a ‘locked up’ kitty of mine decided to find his way to where the action was; looking for more affection no doubt; and ended up in a second level wall. The wall now has a fair sized hole, and the kitty, well, he got the attention he was looking for; and then outsmarted, at least for now.
Athletic stature
LaPerm is a small to medium sized cat with an athletic build. They currently have no predispositions to any health concerns, and thus have long life expectancies. They come in any colours or patterns. Although they are mostly known because of their curly coat, LaPerm could be born with straight fur, curly fur or, as at the beginning – no fur. The straight furred LaPerm kitties will never get a curly coat as those born bald or curly. Thus far the LaPerm is a very rare breed and although some other continents are faring better North America has less than half a dozen breeders. Most people have not even heard of this breed, but with the help of popular magazines we are hoping to change that.
(Denise Abraham started breeding LaPerms about five years ago. She is currently a breeder of TICA registered LaPerm breeds
in Canada).