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Rocking Ranger and his triumph tale

Service Dogs perform special tasks and contribute to spreading happiness with their wags. Know about Ranger – a service dog who has become the ambassador of joy and companionship in his community.

One Mission – better life with pets!

Pets make our life happy stress free and beautiful. It is so important that you choose a pet who can adjust to the climate and your household conditions. –by

Taking furry festivities a notch higher

Mumbai is Santa’s North Pole on Christmas and New York city on New Year’s Eve. But when you have your beloved pet around, each day is a celebration. Here’s how Zane’s Pet Salon is helping your pet get ready for the upcoming festive season. –by Zane’s Pet Spa

Santa Paws is coming to town:

The festive season is incomplete without the love and celebration with our furry friends. It is time we include them in our celebrations and make the holidays merrier!

Celebrating Festivals with Furry Friends-

India’s festival season, spanning from October to December, is a time of cultural richness, jubilation, and unity. As we embark on this season of celebrations, it’s crucial to recognize that our loyal canine companions are an integral part of our lives and deserve our utmost care and consideration during these festivities. While we immerse ourselves in the joy of the season, it’s paramount to…

Remembering Pawprints on the Sands of Myth and Reality

Since time immemorial dogs have held a special place as loyal companions, protectors, and symbols of unwavering devotion. From the pages of Hindu mythology to the annals of history, our loving canines have left an indelible mark, embodying virtues that transcend time and culture. As we celebrate D&P’s 19th anniversary, we embark on an enchanting journey to explore the captivating tales of 19…

7 Wonders for your furry friends this year

It’s the season of summer vacations, which means you’ll probably have a tad bit extra time to spend with your furry friend. Here’s a list of some easy yet amazing activities that you can do with your pet this summer to make memories for a lifetime! –by Kritika Manchanda

Decode your pooch’s personality with zodiac signs

If you love to assess personality traits based on zodiac signs, then it is time you learn about your pet’s zodiac sign and see if he matches the characteristics! In this fun article, learn about your pooch’s zodiac signs. –by Kritika Manchanda

Dog.alicious – Drooling its way to the heart

This is the story of two sisters who turned their love for dogs into a full-time career. Read on to find how Sreya and Sowmya founded Dog.alicious – a pet bakery that’s all heart and happiness! –by Sreya Killamshetty

The e-commerce Story of Drools

Drools is a brand that needs no introduction. It has been winning hearts since many years. And now the brand is focusing on growth and expansion through e-commerce platforms. Read about their endeavors and how they’re leaving no stone unturned to help you and your furry friends.