One Mission – better life with pets!

Pets make our life happy stress free and beautiful. It is so important that you choose a pet who can adjust to the climate and your household conditions.


With so many breeds and types of pets, it becomes so important to choose the right kind of pet for yourself who fits your family and lifestyle. For most pet parents pets come as a boon, but if you don’t take care of them, it would turn into a bane-like situation soon enough. Cases of pets turning aggressive or suffering from several chronic diseases, there are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind before deciding to become a pet parent.

So, the question is – how do we choose the ideal pet. While most of us visit vets after buying pets, it is advisable to consider visiting a vet before you bring home a pet.

To get a well-suited pet for your family here is piece of advice to help you choose the perfect furry friend for your family. Have faith and “TAP”.

  • T- Talk to your vet
  • A-Adapt his/her advice
  • P- Plan accordingly

Pre-Pet Arrival Inquiries – 10 important things to ask your vet

  1. Visit your nearby veterinary clinic and talk to the vet, know the services that you can avail in an emergency situation.
  2. Discussion about the space availability in your home is very important as large breeds need more space and small breeds need play time and more attention. Some breeds can be a little aggressive by nature, while others may be prone to illnesses.
  3. Long time confinement of pets tends to show temperamental issues in them and also chances of developing vices increases. Consult the vet about good hygiene and exercise practices for your pet.
  4. Find the most common diseases of the breed and find solutions to them, know about the precautions that be taken. For example – German Shepherds must not be kept in tiled floor their chances of hind leg deformity increase.
  5. Consider the expenses of maintenance of your pet exclusive of grooming, proper diet,vaccination etc. Indian breeds are considered the most budget-friendly pets with good immune system and extreme adaptive qualities.
  6. Spaying your pets is very important, as it not only reduces aggression, save sembarrassment in front of guests due to humping, and also protects your pets from a number of diseases like prostate cancer, transmissible venereal tumor, pyometra, cystic ovaries, and anxiety to name a few.
  7. Vaccination is also a very important aspect that should be considered to keep your pets safe from several deadly diseases. As a pet parent you need get all your pet’s vaccinations on time to keep him healthy and safe.
  8. Training helps to makes your pets more family friendly. So, ask the vet about it and when would be the right time to start training your pet.
  9. Following the deworming schedule is an effective way to keep your pets safe. It protects them from heart worms, tape worms, lung worms, flat worms, hookworms etc. and also keep their coat shiny, liver healthy, and increases overall immunity.
  10. Those who are constantly traveling should find a safe stress-free crèche for their pets or considering keep all formalities up to date so as to travel along with their pets.

One of the main aims of being a pet parent is to keep your furry friend safe and healthy. Don’t just bring home a pet and then abandon him because you cannot make the required changes. It is a life-changing decision, so weigh the pros and cons and take your time!

(Snigdha Bhattacharjee – 2nd year BVSC.AH, Founder Nirvana Animal Welfare)