Rocking Ranger and his triumph tale

Service Dogs perform special tasks and contribute to spreading happiness with their wags. Know about Ranger – a service dog who has become the ambassador of joy and companionship in his community.


Ranger is a service dog who was adopted when he was two years old. Ever since he has been working as a service dog for PTSD. Apart from providing support for his human, Ranger is an assistant Behavioural Health Navigator for Transitions Mental Health Association (TMHA) in San Luis Obispo, California. He provides support for people struggling with their mental health. Ranger is also a regular at the Atascadero Senior Centre where he attends the Monday Bunco group. He lets the seniors rub his belly for absolutely free. He occasionally visits local hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to provide support for people as well.

Recently Ranger has become part of an ongoing project to create public awareness around service dog laws and public access. In an effort to help people become more informed on service dogs, Ranger assisted in the research and shared his photo for a free presentation. The presentation not only explains common questions about service dogs but also explains the expectations and responsibilities of service dog handlers.

In his leisure time Ranger loves going to the beach, entertaining people with his goofy antics and spreading joy everywhere he goes. Ranger is the co-publisher or ‘Ranger the Bodacious Beach Dog’ which is a book full of photos of Ranger playing and the beach and being a general goofball. You can buy the book from To know more about Ranger and his good deeds, you can follow him on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Ranger has also been featured in the Atascadero News, Paso Robles Press and TMHA News Letter.