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Decode nutrition with commercial kibble vs home cooked delights

Choosing the right diet for our canine companions is a crucial decision for pet parents, and the debate between commercial kibble and home-cooked food is at the forefront of this consideration. Find out how kibble takes a step higher in terms of advantages. –by

Dodging dental dilemmas in dogs

It is estimated that more than 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from dental problems. Learn more about the progression of dental problems and how you can stop it to keep your pet’s pearly whites safe and healthy!

Crimson Heroes: Unveiling the Power of Giving Blood

Watching the morning sun with your pet, enjoying the evening walks with them or the mandatory nighttime cuddles, it’s all possible because they are healthy and have something running in their veins – blood. Learn more how your pet can become a superhero and donate blood!

Spotlight on Canine Mammary Tumors

Several types of cancers can be seen among dogs. Out of all kinds of cancers, the occurrence rate of canine mammary tumour is higher than any other types. Here’s all that you should know so that you can keep your furry friends safe and healthy. –by Dr Arkaprabha Gupta & Dr Debotri Mondal

Nourishing Your Furry Friend with a 100% Vegetarian Diet

When it comes to dog nutrition, it’s essential to make informed choices that cater to canine companions’ unique dietary needs. At Drools, we’ve taken a bold step by introducing a 100% vegetarian pet food range, specially designed to provide balanced nutrition for all life stages, from playful puppies to active adults. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of feeding a 100% vegetarian diet…

Decoding Dog Doo:

Welcome to the illuminating world of dog poops - an unexpected adventure filled with valuable insights about your furry friend’s happiness! Poop is a subject that may not be the most glamorous but is undeniably essential for every pet parent and veterinarian.

Unlocking the secrets to optimal pet nutrition

Optimal nutrition is crucial for your pet’s health and is vital for the management of certain illnesses. Today, pet parents have ample choices when it comes to pet food brands. But as a pet parent, how do you make the optimal nutritional choice for your pet?

Mental Stress and anxiety

In today’s era, anxiety and mental stress are increasing in humans. But even our furry friends get affected by these and as pet parents it is your responsibility to understand the difference between mental stress and anxiety.

From stress to serenity –

Separation anxiety in pets is a common and distressing issue that can affect our furry companions. This emotional response to being separated from their owners can lead to various behavioural challenges and requires understanding and support.

Bane of Anaplasmosis in pooches

Come summers and pet parents are most worried about ticks in their furry friends. Know more about Anaplasmosis in dogs – a tick borne disease and ways to control it to keep your pet healthy and happy. -by Dr A. Sangaran and Dr R. Edith

Be the new age pet parent

Taking care of your pets and the environment now goes hand-in-hand with Royal Canin’s all new carbon neutral product range. Know more about it and how the brand is taking a pledge to help the environment.

Six secrets of dog food labels

Understanding dog food labels can be a cumbersome task, considering the amount of information they provide. Use these 6 parameters to know which is the best pet food for your furry friend. –by Dr Adarsh J.

Best start to life for your furry friend

Taking care of those initial formative years of your pet is so important. Read on to understand about their basic needs, phycological needs, and developmental needs. - by Dr Dheerendra Patel

Dose of love – for complete well-being

As a pet parent, it’s important to be aware of your pet’s behavior and to recognize any changes that may indicate a health problem. By being observant and proactive, you can help keep your pet healthy and happy. Vet experts tell you how to read your pet’s behavior to know health status and well-being. –by Dr Sanjiv Rajadhyaksha

Canine Obesity – Fat’s not always cute

Obesity is a chronic stigmatized and rapidly growing world-wide problem. It is a non-communicable medical condition and sadly the most common nutritional problem seen in our furry companions. –by Dr Rashmi Mishra, Dr Pashupathi M, and Dr Disha Sharma

RIGHT Nutrition for your furry friend

As a pet parent, it’s essential to understand the nutritional requirements as young animals have unique nutritional needs crucial for their growth, development, and overall health. Therefore, providing your furry friend with the right balance of nutrients is key to ensuring a healthy start to their life.