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U and I talking about UI (Urinary Inconsistency)

When your dog’s bladder has lost control, it is known as urinary incontinence. Pee leaks can be minor or significant, depending on their severity. There are numerous possibilities that your pet is suffering from urinary incontinence. Talk to your vet for the best diagnosis and treatment options.

With Sniffy in your pet’s diet,

A well-balanced nutritious diet leads to a happy, healthy and long life. Such is true for us as well as our beloved furry friends. Know more about Sniffy - the top dog food choice for your pet’s daily nutritional requirements.

Manage your pet’s weight before it’s too late

More than 40% of cats and dogs worldwide are overweight, and yet only a small percentage is treated Pets are more prone to experience obesity. It is because often, pet parents mix love for their pets with their pet’s feeding habits. Pets deserve to be loved and adored, but love should not interfere with their dietary habits. If your pet is overweight, their lifespan will be shortened, their…

Nurture with Nutrition – Wellness Guide for Your Pet

Nothing compares to the joy of coming home to your furry friend. To keep your pet happy and healthy, it is important to follow the right nutritional practices. Learn how you can give the best nutrition to your pet and maintain their health!

Magnanimously healthy is the new wealthy

Don’t we all want our pets to have the happiest, healthiest, and longest life possible? Here are some tips I have gathered over my years of experience grooming at Pawlish, to help you take a step closer to achieving this goal. –by Marcia D’Souza

Wagging tale of wellness

All pet parents want their pets to live a happy and healthy life. But sometimes the damage is already done because you didn't recognize the subtle signs before the diagnosis. It is time you prioritize your pet's wellness. –by Malaika Fernandes

Where Commitment Meets Preservation of Health!

Getting a new furry puppy into your family can be a very exciting and loving way to celebrate the occasion, but along with that excitement comes decisions to raise your puppy. We hope we can guide you through this decision and to help you understand your puppy’s nutritional needs. –by Mitu Paul

Endoscopy: A Vet’s Third Eye

Pets eating of abnormal objects like mango kernels, balls, large chicken bones can become a nightmare for pet parents. Learn how endoscopy has proved to be a boon for vets. –by Dr Dishant Saini, Dr Gajendra S Khandekar, Dr Santosh D Tripathi, Dr Shahir V Gaikwad, Dr Gaurav G Khandekar and Dr Harshal Patil

Decoding dog diet with notes on nutrition

Providing food for the body, mind, and soul – a pet-parent’s prime responsibility! Lack of proper nutrition can cause deficiency of certain nutrients and may even result in obesity. –by Dr HS Madhusudhan

Skin Support, One Step at a Time

Pets can suffer from a large variety of skin problems caused by allergies, parasites, bacterial and fungal infections, metabolic issues, and immune disorders. Learn all about skincare for pets and keep their skin and coat healthy. –by Dr B Nagarajan

Managing Mange Menace in Dogs!

Ever wondered why your pet keeps scratching himself so frequently? It might be because of the agents inhabiting his body that cause irritation. The most common ones are ticks, mite, and fleas. Find out how ticks and mites intrude your pet’s body and become a perennial problem for your beloved pooch!

Beat the heat delicious smoothies for your pets

On days when the sun is shining bright and it is so hot that you don’t feel like stepping out or eating anything, you pet also feels the same. A lot of dogs tend to become picky eaters because of the rising temperature. If you are also worried about your pet’s nutrition and health, then you need to try these delicious and easy to make smoothies. Smoothies are also a great option if you want your…

Laparoscopy: A blessing for your FURBALL

Whenever a pet parent has to take a call for any kind of surgery of their pet it becomes a matter of concern because of the high risk of anesthesia and also the post operative care. But with laparoscopic surgeries, pet parents can heave a sigh of relief!

Canine Creek The Ultimate Diet for Your Pet!

Formulated for the health and well-being of puppies and adults, Canine Creek–life preservation formula is made with the finest natural ingredients and features—48 percent real chicken, gluten-free fruits & vegetables like apples, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, pomegranate, pumpkins and spinach

Heroics of Homeopathy in Pets!

Homeopathy is not a new phenomenon in the treatment of animals. Yet its acceptance is slow! But things are changing and a lot of vets are making homeopathy a part of their treatment. Way back in the 18th century the founder and father of homeopathy D Samuel Hahnemann had tried homeopathic remedies for animals. The first veterinarian to use homeopathy again in the same century was Wilhelm Lux and…

Forget the Mistakes, Remember the Lessons!

We are always told to learn from our mistakes. But as pet parents we want to do the best for our furry friends which leave little scope for error. We’re here to help! Know some common mistakes of pet parenting and how you can avoid them. Healthy outside starts from inside Feeding healthy diet to your pets is important for their growth and healthy lifespan. An unhealthy diet is root cause of…

DCC Animal Hospital ensures each pet gets best healthcare in India

Incorporated in April 2019 in Singapore, A’alda has been into veterinary hospital business in India and Japan. In the following year, the company launched A’alda Vet India, opened DCC Animal Hospitals in Gurugram and Greater Kailash-II in New Delhi. The pet hospital chain is on the mission of ensuring each pet gets the best healthcare in India. As multispecialty hospitals with…