Unleash health and happiness with Signature Grain Zero Wet Food Chunks Gravy

Introducing Signature Grain Zero Wet Food Chunks in Gravy. This isn’t your average dog chow, folks. We’re talking gourmet-grade ingredients, pawsitively scrumptious flavours, and nutritional benefits that’ll make you do a happy dance.


Tired of staring at the unfinished food bowl while your pet eyes it with all the enthusiasm of a soggy sock? Fear not, fellow pet parent! Signature Pet Food has upped the game with their Grain Zero Wet Food Chunks in Gravy, a symphony of deliciousness designed to tantalize your furry friend’s taste buds and send his tail wagging in pure culinary ecstasy.

Tempting treats for your furry friend

  • Puppy Powerhouse: Is your little furball a whirlwind of zoomies and boundless energy? Then unleash the Puppy Power variant. The recipe is packed with real chicken, which will prove to be the fuel for their playful escapades. Plus, hydrolyzed chicken liver, eggs, and organic veggies add a nutritional punch to keep their growing bodies strong.
  • Grown-Up Goodness: For your senior pup or seasoned adventurer, the Dog Adult version is the ultimate culinary choice. Imagine tender chicken chunks in a flavourful gravy, all designed to pamper your pet’s palate and nourish his soul. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about healthy weight management. This recipe is balanced and calorie-conscious, keeping your furry friend fit and trim.

Crafted with love and premium quality ingredients

  • Real chicken for delicious taste: Forget mystery meats and questionable fillers. Signature puts real, tender chicken chunks, packing each bite with protein power for boundless energy and healthy muscle growth for your furry friend. But wait, there’s more. Hydrolyzed chicken liver adds a burst of savory goodness, while eggs and organic veggies ensure your pup gets all the essential nutrients he need for his overall wellbeing.
  • Grain-free goodness: No more tummy troubles for sensitive pups. This masterpiece by Signature is free from grains like corn, wheat, and soy. There are no artificial preservatives, flavors, and poultry by-products.
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals: It’s like a multivitamin your pet will actually plead for. Each bite is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, keeping your pup’s immune system strong and your senior pet sprightly and their fur gleaming.

Witness tail-wagging transformation

Treat? Topping? Main course? You decide! This versatile dish is as flexible as your pet’s daily routine. Sprinkle it on kibble for an extra flavor fiesta, use it as a special stand-alone meal, or simply offer it as a delicious reward for his good behavior. No matter how you serve it, your pet will be wagging their tail for more.

Hydration Hero

Worried about your pet not getting enough water? Signature got you covered. This wet food is packed with moisture, keeping your furry friend hydrated and happy throughout the day.

After surgery goodness

Is your pet a picky eater recovering from an illness or a surgery? If yes, then these new Signature treats would be the perfect choice. This isn’t just food, it’s TLC in a bowl. It is a lifesaver for furry friends recovering from illness or surgery with sensitive stomachs. The smooth gravy is hydrating and easy to digest, making meal time more fun!

Spoil for choice

Serve it as a tempting treat, a kibble topper, or a full-blown feast for your beloved furry friend. Three ways to wow your pet, each guaranteed to unleash happy tail wags and satisfied slurps.

  1. Treat Time– A delectable reward for good behavior or just because you need to show your love!!
  2. Kibble Kickstart– Mix it with their dry food for a flavor and moisture boost
  3. Mealtime Marvel– Serve it solo for a complete and satisfying feast.

Signature Pet Food’s Gravylicious Grub isn’t just food, it’s a love letter to your furry friend. So, ditch the dull treats and dish up the delicious. Watch your pup’s eyes light up and his tail wag with unbridled joy as he savours every lick. Signature’s Grain Zero Chunks in Gravy is the paw-fect way to show your pet you care. Get ready for tail wags, happy dances, and a whole lot of slobbery kisses in the best way possible, of course.

(Mitu Paul- Business Head, Signature Pet Foods)