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Beat the Heat

Summer’s here, and your furry friend’s internal thermometer is cranking! Don’t let your pet become a panting puddle of despair. This season, ditch the dehydration blues and unleash the power of hydration with Signature Pet Foods’ GrainZero wet gravy.

Tale of anger management in canines

Managing a pet’s anger or aggression is essential for the safety of both the pet and those around him. If your pet is displaying aggressive behavior, here’s what all you can do.

Scientific Remedies brings Affinity Advance in India – A gift for pet parents

In the ever-expanding landscape of pet care and nutrition, India emerges as one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for pet food. In an exciting development, Scientific Remedies has proudly announced its partnership with Affinity Petcare to bring the pinnacle of pet nutrition to the doorsteps of pet parents across the Indian subcontinent. This collaboration holds the promise of delivering the…

From woofs to wellness – the magic of massage for your pooch

If self-care is your love language, it is time that it translates to your pets as well. Take your pet’s wellness to the next level with massage therapy for your furry friend. Learn how you can easily do it at home and also know more about aromatherapy for dogs.

DogoBarkery- Life is what you bake of it!

Pet parents from Surat can now pamper their pets with delectable bakery items specially created for them. ‘DogoBarkery’ is a unique bakery that serves healthy items created just for pets.

Know what your Paw Friends have to say

Sometimes animals are just happy when there is someone to lend an ear. Mumbai-based corporate communication professional turned animal communicator Priyanka Hosangadi has lots to share with us.

Raising a confident pooch

Raising a confident pet means teaching your pet about our complicated world and guiding him through it. There are many things that contribute to a pet’s personality and temperament, so let’s understand them together.

19 Pawsome reasons to bless yourself with a tailwagger!

Unless you have shared your life with a pooch, you do not know what you are missing in life. Their ability to uplift our mood and provide love and companionship is truly remarkable and one of the many reasons why they are considered man’s best friend.

Fostering love for our furry friends

Meet Yamini – the brain behind Zigly and Petsfamilia. She talks about her love for pets and how she aims to take responsible pet parenting to new heights with love. From Puppies to Life Teachers: Valuable Lessons Learned Growing Up with Pets Pets have been an integral part of my life since childhood, bringing immense joy and companionship. I vividly remember my first pet, a delightful…

The ABCD of Pet Parenting

Pet parenting is a full-time responsibility that you need to be 100% ready to take. You are bringing home a new life so you need to be taking care of them in all aspects. –by Dr Ritesh Sood

Wags are our wins and bring well-being!

Holistic nutrition is vital for pets’ wellbeing and wellness, learn more about the brand, its USP, and how the pet industry is shaping to become better and stronger. –by Mitu Paul

Getting ready for a ‘paw’some welcome!

Bringing home a puppy is perhaps the most enriching experience in many people’s lives. It’s a moment of immense joy and love. However, there’s a lot you need to do to welcome and make your new friend feel at home. –by Rangnath Tamboli and Saba Poonawala

Mystery of Milk: Is it safe for your pooch?

Dairy products can have great benefits for humans. They’re rich in vitamin D and calcium, which can help keep your teeth and bones healthy and strong. Milk has a lot of benefits for humans, but when it comes to our furry friends it might not be as beneficial as you think it is.


Humans have always shared a close bond with animals. If we take a deeper look at Hindu mythology, we see that so many of our Gods and Goddesses have animals as their Vahanas (mount). Read on to know how the human-animal bond has been going on for centuries and has evolved with modern times. –by Dr Jairam Ramani

The power of preventive care

We all know prevention is better than cure, so why not apply this golden rule for your pooch? Preventive care for dogs and cats can be a lifesaver. Learn more about it. –by Dr Sagar Bhosale