Know what your Paw Friends have to say

Sometimes animals are just happy when there is someone to lend an ear. Mumbai-based corporate communication professional turned animal communicator Priyanka Hosangadi has lots to share with us.


How the journey began?

Janani Rajeswari. S
Janani Rajeswari. S

Priyanka calls it ‘Telepathic Interspecies Communication’. “That’s because the same technique is used to communicate with birds, insects, reptiles, plants and other elements of nature. But we use the term ‘Animal Communication’ as it is easier to understand,” she explains. In 2011, Priyanka came to know about it through US based Maia Kincaid, who is considered as one of the pioneers in the field. But back then Kincaid only organized a residential training programme in the U.S. Since quitting her job as a journalist and taking up the training was not possible, Priyanka dropped the idea.

In December 2016, Priyanka participated in Maia Kincaid’s basic animal communication workshop in Mumbai. Following this, she also completed her advanced course in March 2017 under Manjiri Latey, a pioneer in the field from Pune.

Priyanka recalls how she was immediately thrown into finding a missing dog in NCR after completing her basic course. “Since it was my first case, I was a little hesitant. But after the dog was found, the pet parent sent me a message as to how the inputs from the pet were perfect and they thanked me for finding their pet.”

She started her own classes in 2019. And in 2020, during the lockdown period she made the course available online and since then there has been no looking back.

Animals do talk, but to only those who love to listen

One of the most intriguing questions is – have there been times when animals were hesitant or didn’t feel like communicating with you? “Never till date. They are super excited when we want to communicate. Dogs have their own unique personalities and communicating with them is like speaking to people. Some are introverts, while some could be chatty. The shy ones answer to the point, but they never refrain from communicating,” explains Priyanka. They like to talk about things as simple as – changing their walk timings, changing the person who takes them for a walk, changing their food, any special needs, or wanting pet parents to spend quality time with them.

Communication could also involve passing on information about whether they would like euthanasia or not. “Many dogs communicate that they would like to complete their karmic cycle and go through the pain,” she says.

Heartthrobs’ and their heart touching moments

Priyanka Hosangadi
Priyanka Hosangadi

• She recalls how once a pet kept showing her the picture of vanilla ice cream during a session. “When I asked the pet what he wanted to say to his parent, he simply said tell her vanilla Ice cream and she will understand. When I said this to the pet parent, she burst out laughing. Turns out, that before the session started, she gave him vanilla ice cream, but then took it away as the session was about to start. So, the pet asked how she could do that to him,” recalls Priyanka.

• A family requested a session with their dog who was taken on walks by the father every night. But the pet refused to go with him. “The pet said that during the walks, he was either on the phone with his colleagues or stressing over office work. He does not focus on me. Unless he stops doing what he is doing, I will not go with him,” she recalls.

• In another case, the pet refused to enter a room that was specifically designed by the parent. He instead cuddled up in a corner of the living room. During the session, the pet revealed that he did not like the vibration of the room and preferred to be in the living room instead.

• Priyanka feels that cats are most witty she has communicated with. She recalls there was a stray cat at a relative’s place who jumped into her lap and fell asleep. “As I felt my legs cramping, I began moving them. Immediately, she whacked her on the leg and said that you are not supposed to move. How would you like your bed moving.

• A memorable poetic multi-coloured calico cat spoke to Priyanka about how each one is an artist and we have the power to add colours in our life.

• In 2019, a blind dog advised Priyanka about how every challenge is a life changing opportunity.

Busting myths

One of the basic misconceptions is that telepathic interspecies communication does not exist as it’s not backed by scientific evidence. “So, I tell people that there has been research done by the Harvard University back in 2014. It is actually a form of Noetic Science,” explains Priyanka. The second myth is that the communicator needs to be face-to-face with the animal to connect with it. “I have never met almost 99 percent of my clients (pets and pet parents) as many of them are either in the other parts of the country or even overseas,” she says. People also think it’s not possible to connect with animals once they have passed away. Priyanka reveals how she has connected with animals who passed away to help the pet parents get an emotional closure.

Challenges are a part of the journey, but I keep going

Initially, my biggest challenge was to trust the information I was receiving from the animal.My greatest learning as a communicator has been to trust myself no matter how illogical the message may sound to me. Priyanka also adds that many times pet parents completely disagree with the inputs of their pet. “In such cases, I just go back and ask the pet,” she adds. I tell my participants don’t rely on human validation. There have been times when people take time to process the information and revert on the inputs. “So, as communicators if you wait for humans to validate the information, your confidence will take a hit,” she says.

How life changed after animal communication

“Before communication happened, I called myself a dog person. But after communication, some of the profound advises came from the cats,” says Priyanka. “Actually, my cat was the reason why I quit my job and became a full-time communicator. She pushed me into doing it.”She recently launched her own company called ‘Eira by Priyanka’. Animals also taught me about living in the present moment without worrying about the future.