Wagging Wisdom: Teaching your pooch tricks for a happier life

Alright, let’s spill the beans on teaching your beloved pet some cool tricks – it’s way more awesome, I promise!


Training your pet is more like unlocking the magic in your pet’s brain and keeping them happy and healthy. So, grab some treats/toys and let’s dive into a world of wagging tails and brainy pups! Dogs love working for their food – it’s like their version of a treasure hunt.

Tails and tricks – nurturing your pet’s inner performer

Have you ever seen that twinkle in your pet’s eyes when you ask them to perform a trick for a tasty reward? That’s not just hunger, it’s the joy of working for food. Dogs love being busy; it’s in their DNA. It’s not just about filling their tummies, rather it is about making mealtime a fun adventure. That’s what responsible pet parents do. Think about your pet’s day. If they’re not learning tricks or playing, what are they up to? Probably snoozing, right? That is not the life dogs want. In the wild, they would be exploring, sniffing, keeping themselves busy. Dogs aren’t couch potatoes; they are active beings wired to thrive on challenges. “What’s next, human?” That is your cue. Those eyes are a sneak peek into their super smart minds.

Never ending story of growth, fun, and discovery

Dogs need brain games, just like we do, and teaching them new tricks is like giving them a mental playground. Exactly how we stay healthy with a good workout, their minds stay fit with tricks and games. Training your pet is not a one-day activity, it is a lifelong journey. Dogs are like lifelong students, always ready to learn new things. So, forget about the idea that you’ve taught your pet everything. The fun of learning never stops. Keep the training wheels turning throughout their lives. It’s not just a chapter, it is a never-ending story of growth, fun & discovery.

When talking about teaching tricks to your pets, we have to mention DIY toys and puzzles. Imagine handing your pet a homemade toy. It is not just a random thing, but a brain teaser wrapped in a fun package. DIY toys turn lazy afternoons into treasure hunts, making your pet feel like the hero of their own story. Super cool, right?

Here are some DIY games that will turn your home into a play paradise for your beloved pooch.

  • The Sniff-n-Seek Challenge

Hide treats around the house and let your dog’s inner detective shine. It is a thrilling scavenger hunt that engages your pet’s sense of smell and sharpens their problem-solving skills.

  • The Frozen Treasure Hunt

Fill a Kong toy with a mix of kibble and peanut butter, freeze it, and let your pet enjoy an icy adventure.

It’s not just a tasty treat, but a brain-freezing challenge that will keep them engaged for a while.

  • The Puzzle Palooza

Create a DIY puzzle feeder using a muffin tin and tennis balls. Watch as your pet strategizes to retrieve the hidden treats, turning mealtime into an exciting brain exercise.

Teaching your pet tricks is all about turning regular days into doggy adventures. It’s a journey of mental and physical well-being that lasts a lifetime. So, keep those treats handy, continue the training, and let the mental stimulation games roll – because a happy and healthy doggo is a doggo living his best life!

(Tyana Somani is the founder of Pupparazzi in Mumbai)