DogoBarkery- Life is what you bake of it!

Pet parents from Surat can now pamper their pets with delectable bakery items specially created for them. ‘DogoBarkery’ is a unique bakery that serves healthy items created just for pets.


Woof Woof– This sound is music to the ears of pet parents who shower their love on their pet. Only a pet parent will know that it takes a pet to complete a happy family! When you never compromise on your love and affection for your beloved pet, then why give him the same old boring food? DogoBarkery is your one stop shop for all yummy treats for your pooch!

At DogoBarkery, we never compromise on quality.

It all started with a realization

I thought of starting DogoBarkery when I realised the dearth of a pet bakery in Surat during my interactions with other pet moms. I am a mother of two kids and then came into my life the third one – my pet Leo. Being a dog mom, I completely understand the importance of a nutritious diet in your pet’s life. That’s how DogoBarkery was conceptualized and came into action.

Goodness that pays in wags

I started making healthy bakery items like cakes, treats, Puppizza. All the products are made with oats and gluten free flour and are sugar and salt-free. Moreover, we use all-natural plant-based colours and only top-quality ingredients.

We customize the cakes and food according to needs of our clients whom we call ‘Pupstomers’. Our cakes are tasty and healthy at the same time. We not only specialise in cakes but also make treats and gourmet food for your pets. What’s more? Everything & anything that’s whipped up at DogoBarkery is sold only after it is certified by Leo Dawer, the CTO or Chief Tasting Officer.

Paw parents can place their orders over phone or they can get in touch with us on Instagram – @Dogo Barkery. We are a growing company and we will be launching our website also soon. So next time whenever your little one deserves a treat, head to us at DogoBarkery and see him wag his tail with glee and happiness!