The ABCD of Pet Parenting

Pet parenting is a full-time responsibility that you need to be 100% ready to take. You are bringing home a new life so you need to be taking care of them in all aspects.
–by Dr Ritesh Sood


It is true that these days we are all living in uncertain times and are tensed about the future, especially after the pandemic situation. During the pandemic there was a surge in pet adoptions as we were mostly at home and got our furry companions as buddies. Things are back to normal today, WFH has changed to WFO, but our furry friends are still the same?

Have you ever imagined the kind of stress they undergo, due to such sudden changes? Think about it. The pet who used to see you home all the time and get 3-4 hours being spent with him, now gets just half an hour or one hour during the day when you take him for a walk. Time spent on the vet care /nutrition care has reduced as we all are again back to our routine and busy life. What is this leading towards and how can we deal with it?

It becomes imperative that we understand that companionship with our furry friends must not change as our priorities change. Inculcate habits from the beginning that promise life long sustainability! Practice habits that you want to be a part of your pet’s life without any hassle.

Here are the ABCD’s to consider before you think of becoming a pet parent.

  • Always select the right breed depending on the space and time you can provide, for e.g., Labradors and Retrievers needs more space and lots of exercise as compared to smaller breeds like Shih tzus.
  • Be prepared to spend quality time and provide balanced nutrition as per the life-stage of your pet in consultation with you vet.
  • Commit to provide right training from the beginning to your pet depending on the expectations and reward good behaviour for them to become a habit. Develop habits that are sustainable like feeding by hands, making them sleep along with you etc.
  • Developing regular grooming schedule and health care visits are a must to ensure your pet is healthy and free from any ailments.

Mental enrichment that includes socialising your pets with other pets, giving them right amount of time, exposure to other friends/family who might be the ones where you would like to keep your pet in case of any urgent /unplanned travels to minimize separation anxiety /stress among pets, helps in keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Our pets will need us for the entire life and will always be dependent on us, so venture into pet parenting as a very thoughtful and well-made choice.

Happy Paw Parenting!

(Dr Ritesh Sood, is a veterinarian with more than 15 years of experience, currently drives the OTC portfolio of a leading herbal animal healthcare company)