Wags are our wins and bring well-being!

Holistic nutrition is vital for pets’ wellbeing and wellness, learn more about the brand, its USP, and how the pet industry is shaping to become better and stronger.
–by Mitu Paul


Signature Pet Foods falls under the parent brand Drools. It has not even been a year that the brand has made its way in the Indian market and has won many hearts because of their amazing products. Brain child of Mr Fahim Sultan, the founder of Drools and the IB (Indian Broiler) Group. They run diversified businesses compromising of fisheries, poultry, FMCG, dairy, livestock, specialized pet foods etc. In conversation with Mitu Paul, Brand Head, Signature Petfoods to know more about them and their work till now.

Goodness of ingredients that reflects in each bite

Pet parents of today are more aware and cautious about nutrition for their beloved furry friends. Usually, pet parents look out for four things in a pet food – palatability, nutritional assimilation, stock availability, and cost. The cost of pet food is basically because of the raw material that is used to make the pet food. We get the advantage of best raw material and fresh ingredients for the pet food. IB Group has become the market leaders in protein integration, this forms the basis of top quality of raw materials.

With experienced vets based in USA who help us with conceptualizing our recipes, we can proudly say that we have cracked the code of the Indian pet food market. That’s why it is mentioned on the pack that it is formulated in USA. The mass production happens in India and needless to say that the brand has strict quality control methods to deliver nothing but perfection.

USP of the brand

Premium quality doesn’t mean expensive, it means good quality, which is our main USP. We provide best-in-class pet food that comply by international quality standards and well-priced. Our availability is our strength through our widespread network of distributors and retailers, we have reached all corners of India.

Counter listening and customer feedback are the two pillars of strength that the brand takes support from. We are constantly listening to our customers and their requirements. Be it through social media campaigns, events and pop-ups that we participate in, or through our email and phone, we try to resolve customers’ queries as soon as possible and guide them to buy the best for their furry friends.

From then to now, things have changed for the good

The major segment of pet food industry belongs to dog food industry and you’d be surprised to know that it is growing at an exponential rate. The industry has seen significant changes in the past decade and the major change has come during the pandemic. The concept of humanization of pets which was slowly growing became ‘the thing’ during the pandemic. So many pets found a loving family. We see that a lot of young couples these days want to be pet parents instead of parents to a human baby. This reflects change and people are understanding the meaning of having a companion friend in their homes.

Terms like fur child and paw parents have become a sentiment of the industry. And any brand which has to significantly adapted to the market has to understand and respond to these sentiments. The pet industry has become more mature and holistic.

Leaps on the trajectory of success

Ever since the establishment, we have evolved to become a retailer’s brand and a vet’s brand. We are looking for organic growth in the next five years and to become one of the leading pet foods brands in India. Another aspect that we are aiming at is exports. We aim to export and will be working with breeders in the coming years and educate them about holistic nutrition.

Taking responsible pet parenting to a new step

To be a responsible pet parent, you need to take care of the nutrition, hygiene, and exercise of your pet in addition to all the unconditional love that you have to shower! Nutrition plays a really important role and helps to keep your pets not just healthy but happy as well. When your pet is unwell, he becomes sad and in the process the energy of the entire household becomes negative and worried. If your pet is not getting the right nutrition, he would not be able to build his immunity and it will have an adverse effect on his overall wellbeing. Do not compromise in the nutrition of your pet and give them the best with Signature Pet Foods. Health is and will always remain wealth, be it for humans or for your fur babies.

(Mitu Paul Brand Head, Signature PetFoods India)