The good grooming guide

Just like you treat yourself to a spa day, your pet also deserves it! Learn how professional grooming can make a huge difference in your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Almas Shariff

Your pets need professional grooming to maintain their basic hygiene. With hygiene comes good health, which all pet-parents want for their furry friends. Though we groom our pets at home, but it cannot match professional grooming. It is recommended that you take your pet to a professional groomer once a month. The benefit is that groomers can easily spot any tick of flea infestation, skin irritation, allergies, cuts or abrasions and you can get them treated at the earliest.

The right Groomer

  •  Check whether the groomer is trained and certified.
  • Try and look for a groomer who is close to your home so that your pet doesn’t have to travel much .
  • A good groomer would allow you to watch the grooming session.
  •  Ask for pet parent’s reference.
  •  Try to visit the grooming parlor 4-5 days prior to the appointment so that your pet gets familiar with the place.
  •  Watch your pet’s reactions, and see how the groomer reacts. Ask if you have any doubts.
  • Please let the groomer know if the pet is aggressive, hyper active, or has had any surgery within last year .

Boons of professional grooming

  • Will help identify infections and abnormalities

Proper grooming sessions help identify abnormalities on your pet’s body, such as sores, unwanted growths, or bald spots. Regular grooming will make you aware of problems sooner rather than later and your pet can get timely treatment.

  • Catching skin conditions at an early stage

Most pet parents are not familiar with different skin conditions and may increase the irritation with wrong treatment. A professional groomer can help identify your pet’s particular skin condition. He/ she would suggest the right products for your furry babies.

  •  Optimum ear care

Different breeds grow hair deep in the ear canal that traps bacteria and cause irritation and ear infections. Groomers can help clean your pet’s ear completely and remove in-growth hair if required.

  • Awesome ‘paw’some

Pets grow excessive amounts of hair between their toes. Groomers shave and trim these sensitive areas carefully to help keep the paw pads clean and infection free.

  • I vouch for eye care

Pets with fur that frequently comes in their eyes have a greater chance of developing eye infections, glaucoma, and cataracts. Trimming and shaving of the hair around the eyes is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps prevent various eye related problems.

  •  Keep nasties at bay with proper nail care

Pets need a nail trim twice a month. Long nails are the most common cause of chiropractic problems and contribute to joint pain and stiffness. Regular nail trims helps keep the nails short, reinforce healthy foot structure and posture, and reduce the risk of infections.

  •  Keep that ‘tooth’some smile intact!

Teeth and gums need special attention. With regular brushing by the groomer you can prevent growth of tartar and plaque build-up in your pet’s teeth.

  •  Don’t forget the posterior

Excessive hair near private areas can lead to hygiene problems, tangling of the hair,accumulation of dirt and waste. Private parts are very sensitive and the skin can get bruised or cut easily. So rely on a professional groomer to do the trimming and shaving around this area.

Hail home grooming

No better pampering for pets like a relaxing home grooming session. As pets are familiar with surrounding, they feel more comfortable which makes the grooming process a lot easier. It also strengthens the bond between you and your pet.

Tips for home Grooming

  •  The right products make all the difference. There are many brands of shampoos and conditioners available in the market. Choosing the right one is a bit confusing. Depending upon dog breed one can choose the shampoo and conditioner. Understand your pet’s skin and coat and the climatic conditions of the place where you live. Based on these factors your vet and groomer would recommend the right products.
  •  Be careful while clipping your pet’s nails at home. Do not clip the nails short at one go if you are not aware how much to cut. It’s better to go slowly and let the groomer do the needful.
  •  Use 2-3 drops on ear cleanser in each ear and gently massage the ear. After about 30 minutes clean the outer area of ear with cotton.
  •  You can use dental spray to clean your pet’s teeth at home. Shake the bottle well and spray it on gums and around the teeth. You can use a dental spray daily, and can use dog toothpaste and toothbrush once a week.
  •  Regular brushing is a must. Take out 15 minutes daily to thoroughly brush your pet’s coat. It will get rid of all the dirt and lose hair.
  •  Use only dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner for your pets. This will help in maintaining their skin’s pH. Make sure to wash your furry friend with lots of water, so that there is no residue left.
  •  Wipe your pet with microfiber towel and make sure you at least semi-dry the inner coat with normal blower.
    Treat grooming as a pampering session instead of a task and you’ll see how much you and your pet enjoy this time together!

–by Almas Shariff