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Nov Dec 2022

Nov Dec 2022

Hairballs – Hiatus in happiness Pledge health and happiness with this complete cat care guide Feline Feels – It’s That Time of The Year The science of scratching

Fluffy–who’s loved by all

This is the story of fluffy, an Indie who is teaching us that to win hearts all you need is a good heart! Read her journey from the streets to a home and finally becoming an internet sensation.

Nov Dec 2022

EDITORIAL Jingle all the way! Celebrate the season of JINGLES with your furry friend! COVER STORY Wonderful Weimaraner’s – exuberating grandeur and royalty Christmas Ghosts- tales with a twist Understanding life from a dog’s pawspective... Manage your pet’s weight, before it’s too late With sniffy in your pet’s diet, say goodbye to nutritional woes Be an awesome ‘paw ’-…

The science of scratching

If your cat is scratching everywhere around the house and you are wondering why is it, we are here to decode the feline behaviour of scratching.

Feline Feels – It’s That Time of The Year

‘In heat’ means when the cat is fertile and ready to mate. But there are so many things you need to keep in mind to take care of your kitty when she is in heat. Read on to know more about it.

Hairballs – Hiatus in happiness

Formation of hairballs is quite common in cats. It can pose a threat to their health and as a pet parent, you should know about it. Read on to find the causes, symptoms, and remedies of hairballs in cats.

Hail to the pet stores

In the season of celebration, we help you pick up choicest of gifts from your neighbourhood pet-stores from various cities across India!

Oh Boy! Why you annoy?

He might not be having a good day or she might be grumpy, and then if you annoy them don’t expect a wagging tail in return. Read about these human things that you might be doing to annoy your pet!

The good grooming guide

Just like you treat yourself to a spa day, your pet also deserves it! Learn how professional grooming can make a huge difference in your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing.