Understanding life from a dog’s pawspectives

Human-canine bond dates back to more than 30,000 years ago….they have lived with us forever…loving us, caring for us and teaching us life’s valuable lessons.


Sometimes, when I look at my dog Rocky, I think what he might be thinking about us, about our home and about himself. What makes him happy, scared, angry or anxious?

Here’s my take on what life is from a dog’s pawspective:

We are a family: We all know that dogs are pack animals. In the absence of their pack, our family is their pack. They are a part of our family and they will always love and protect us. On the other hand, we are their caretakers – we have to ensure they are properly fed, exercised and groomed.

Dogs also use lover’s hormone: Oxytocin: Many studies have shown that when a dog interacts with a human in a positive way, both of them exhibit a surge in Oxytocin, hormone linked with love and other positive emotional state.

Dogs pick up our mood swings: Dogs are very sensitive beings. They know when we are sad, they know when we are happy. When I am sad, Rocky comes and sits in my lap and will continue to sit there, until I feel lighter. That’s his way of telling me that he is there for me, no matter what. At these times, he is never naughty, just caring!

Dogs live in the moment: One moment they will be sitting aimlessly, and another moment they are ready to bark on the passers-by or fetch the treat you give them. Rocky loves cod liver oil capsules; whenever I open the bottle, he will come running, even if he is in a deep sleep. He knows how to take advantage of the moment…that’s what all of us need to do as well.

Dogs love routine and will inform you when its time: Even if they are sleeping the whole day, they know when it’s time for their walks/food. Rocky is always ready with his leash when it’s time for him to go out for a walk. You can forget their time, but they won’t! When you have a dog at home, you can forget about the clocks!

Varsha Verma with Rocky

It’s always happy to be home: Dogs will greet you with equal enthusiasm, even if you have gone out for a short time. They tell us that we are back in the happy space…the home!!

Don’t hold the grudges: Even if you have not been able to spend quality time with your dog, they will love you and will not hold any grudges. Whenever you call them lovingly, they are there…wagging their tails in delight!!!

Why can’t I go out like others: Dogs love to be with their family and they love to go out. Every time, someone steps out, it makes them think why can’t they go out at their will as well.
You are the world to your dogs. They do not care if you are tall, short, fat, slim, groomed or not – you are the best!!! They will do anything for your love.