Eternal Euphoria with Amazing Arcche

Meet Archhe – the Instagram sensation who wins hearts with his lovely antics and is a social media star for all the good reasons!


Arcche is a golden retriever and the apple of everyone’s eyes at home. We got Arcche through a friend who knew of someone who had puppies.- He loves everyone. Humans and animals alike. I haven’t seen him growl at anyone. I still feel that Arcche is not yet an internet star, but his swimming sessions and peeling green coconuts got him some cute fans. Ever since we keep posting his cute antics on social media and it has fetched him a lot of love!

Love is furever

I think I can confidently say that he loves how committed we are to him, from morning walks to meals, play, sleep time! Arcche is a fun loving doggo and he loves to swim, play fetch, and be around other pets. And if you ask me what do people love the most about Arcche? His enthusiastic greeting which makes everyone feel special.

Taking joyful companionship to the next level

Thanks to Arcche, we don’t need an alarm clock anymore. Mornings starts around 6 am with lots of licks because it’s walk time. A long walk and some food and play in the garden and he’s one happy and tired doggo. Then it’s rest and nap and move about in the house and sit in the room where the AC is on. We call him a spoilt brat. At 2 pm it’s time to be back in the garden to sunbathe. He literally rolls in the grass and just sits there soaking in the sun after which he wants some curd or buttermilk.

At 5 pm he’s ready for another round of fun and long walk at 6.30 pm where he does a lot of sniffing and peeking into neighbor’s gates. After dinner he spends time with dad and brother and entertains our grandparents. Being as disciplined as Arcche is, he’s off to bed at 9 pm.

Love + Attention = Unlimited wags

He’s spooked by funny things like a big pile of charred bricks, and huge garbage cans. He loves to carry long sticks back home and will carry them through the front door and up the stairs even if it doesn’t fit, he somehow manages which is hilarious.

He thinks he owns the garden swing. If anybody tries to sit on it, he quickly jumps and claims his spot. Being a retriever that he is, he has to carry something in his mouth whenever he greets someone. It can be shoes, sticks, blanket, anything that is the closest to him.

Arcche has brought discipline, love and laughter into our lives. There is less of arguments and raised voices because he always jumps and barks which quietens us all! He’s God sent and we love him and would move mountains for him! My advice for all pet parents would be to spend as much time as possible with your furry friends. They want just your attention and love and in return they’ll fill your life with unbound affection!