Perfect pampering destination – The Pet Point

The Pet Point – one stop solution for all your pet care related needs. Find out more how this pet store came into existence and through the years how it has become a loved name among its clients.


–by Akshay Mahendru

The Pet Point is one of Delhi’s leading pet stores and in conversation with us is Akshay Mahendru, Director – The Pet Point. He tells us about the story of the brand, challenges they faced during the pandemic, and what he thinks would be the future of the pet industry.

The Pet Point –
inception story

My Father is a well-known supplier of pet products in India. On a visit to a pet store in Mumbai I happened to accompany him and liked the idea of a one stop pet shop solution which was not available in Delhi at that point of time. As soon as we reached Delhi we planned and opened our first store in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. We recently launched our 8th store in Delhi/NCR region.

Celebrating milestones
and preparing for the road ahead

Ever since our inception we have worked hard to reach the apex position. The Pet Point won the Best pet retail store award at The Pet Fed 2019. We also won The Best Pet retail start-up award in 2022. We have recently launched our e-commerce website which has more than 4000+ products and 200+ brands for pet parents to choose from. But for us the biggest milestone will be when we become the go to pet store chain for all pet parents pan India.

Expansion to other cities by opening premium pet stores is certainly there in our roadmap and we are working relentlessly towards it.

Keep calm and add to cart!

Online shopping is a must have vertical for all brands in post covid era for two reasons – better brand visibility, and wider customer reach.

I don’t think that online shopping will overtake pet stores. Both these can go handin- hand. Having an online store is beneficial for both the brand as well as pet parent. We must learn to coexist. But I also am against big brands putting heavy discounting to acquire customers. That is what hurts pet stores the most.

Sassy and tech savvy –
new age pet parents

I think that the pet parents in India nowadays are more informed and educated. They are aware and keen to get products which are good for their pets. They are looking for best products for their pets whether it’s online or offline. The pet industry has grown tremendously in the past decade. After covid in the last 2 years there has been an exceptional growth and change. With more people adopting pets, the demand for pet products is on the rise.

Wading through the
challenges during pandemic

The major challenge for us during the pandemic was to make sure that pet parents must not face any issues in procuring supplies for their beloved pets. The Pet Point would like to thank the Government authorities that they labelled our category as “essential” which meant that the pet parents could easily get the supplies for their pets even during lockdowns.

Pet parenting has increased during the pandemic and this is a major reason that we have seen an increase in sales at our retail space and through online shopping. The pandemic gave every family a chance to look after each other which included their pets. The spike in new pet parents made sure that the community of pet parenting is growing with love!

A future that’s
hopeful and bright

The next five years look absolutely fabulous for the pet industry. We all must encourage newer families to adopt pets. We have always believed that having a pet is a blessing, an experience that every human must have. It’s an emotion equivalent to having a baby. The advice I would like to give is that as a community we should make sure that we don’t make this industry a luxury industry that will only discourage new middle-class families to adopt pets.

(Akshay Mahendru – Director, The Pet Point, New Delhi)