Voice of Lady Veterinarians- SHAKTI -2

Lady vets are strong and resilient. In today’s time they are taking the veterinary world by storm. Here’s how they are creating new milestones and overcoming challenges read about the 2nd Lady Vet Convention of Indian Veterinary Association.

–by Dr Sheela Jadhav


Lady Vet Convention of the Indian veterinary Association – inception

It was started in Indian Veterinary Association Meeting. Through the processes it was felt that lady veterinarians should have their separate independent wing which would play an important role in recognizing their efforts and problems, and will also aim at finding solutions.

Talking about the founding members, Dr. Sheela told us that Indian Veterinary Association, New Delhi is headed by Dr Unmesh Sharma President Veterinary Council of India. And National Convener for IVA lady wing is Dr. Lakshmi Srinivasan.

Visionary vets steering towards a united future

Our main vision is to bring all the lady veterinarians of India under one umbrella. Along with that to establish coordination, communication and cooperation among women veterinarians from Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari. We also want to highlight the importance of lady veterinarians in Animal Husbandry and their contribution in GDP of our nation. Animal Husbandry has contributed a positive GDP even during COVID times where in our lady veterinarians played an important role.

Stepping into a new era by women’s empowerment

Our long-term goals are to empower lady veterinarians and lady entrepreneurs by being a supportive group to address all the needs like training and work environment. We also plan to have representatives upto the grass root level to address the needs of women veterinarians. And the third long term goal is to create employment for rural women by supporting and encouraging women to start goat farming, poultry farming, backyard poultry etc.

Short term goals include – building toilets in each and every veterinary hospitals in rural areas, having sufficient man power, and to highlight important role played by lady veterinarians in the society.

Bringing a revolution, one step at a time

Lady veterinarians are working in various fields – from veterinarians working at ground level taking the responsibility of treatment to extension work, as administrators, researchers, and entrepreneurs etc. As women when we work on grass-root level, we can understand the needs of rural women in a better way and encourage them to become financially independent through animal husbandry projects.

The 3 Cs– coordinating, communication, and cooperating

We want to empower then by coordinating, communicating and co-operating. Our association gives a platform so that the roles and work of lady veterinarians can be highlighted and recognized by the government. We also want to help women recognize their problems and find appropriate solutions. We have a quarterly e-magazine “Vet-Vision”in which their contribution is recognized.

Wonder Women – how they have made small changes in the vet industry

There has been a change in the past few decades. We were just 5-10% ladies in early 2000 and now almost 40-50% are ladies. I can proudly say that ladies are working in every sphere. I personally feel we women are mentally very strong with good decision-making power and a humble heart which makes a big difference. If there is one strength, I would want lady vets to nurture, then it would be resilience.

Time to rule the rural areas

I have been working in rural areas since the last 13 years. We lack infrastructure in rural dispensaries/hospitals – even basics like toilets and water connections can be scarce. Since in rural areas we are supposed to give door-to-door services, there is a constant need of a vehicle and proper security for the staff. If these things are taken into account, rural women will be empowered and lady vets will get a lot of support.

(Dr Sheela N Jadhav – Indian Veterinary Association, Lady Wing Convener for Maharashtra. She is working as Livestock Development Officer Grade-1 with Government of Maharashtra. She along with her husband Dr Nilesh Jadhav runs Nirmala Pet Clinic in Aurangabad, Maharashtra).