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Jan Feb 2023

Take care of your cat’s claws

What’s more painful than a broken heart? A broken nail! If you are a cat pet parent, you might have faced bleeding nails in your pet at least once. Here’s how you can reduce the pain for your cat if she has a broken nail.

Five ways to know your feline friends better!

Know more about your feline companion and build a better bond! Here’s more about their body language, nutrition, grooming essentials, why it is essential for them to scratch, and health hazards. Cats are independent, but they also enjoy social interaction and affection from their owners. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they require a diet high in protein from animal sources to…

Voice of Lady Veterinarians- SHAKTI -2

Lady vets are strong and resilient. In today’s time they are taking the veterinary world by storm. Here’s how they are creating new milestones and overcoming challenges read about the 2nd Lady Vet Convention of Indian Veterinary Association. –by Dr Sheela Jadhav

Zigly promises #NoCompromise on pet grooming with release of digital film to inspire quality ‘ME Time’ for pets

Zigly, (Cosmo First Limited) India’s first tech-enabled omnichannel pet care brand, under its umbrella campaign #NoCompromise has strengthened voice to not compromise on quality pet care experience. The company releases a digital film that aims to encourage pet parents towards quality ‘Me Time’ for pets ensuring their overall well-being and hygiene. The digital film starts with a snapshot of a…


Humans have always shared a close bond with animals. If we take a deeper look at Hindu mythology, we see that so many of our Gods and Goddesses have animals as their Vahanas (mount). Read on to know how the human-animal bond has been going on for centuries and has evolved with modern times. –by Dr Jairam Ramani

Wiggles elevates Prashant Kohli to CMO and Pushkaraj Vartak to CFO

India’s leading homegrown pet care brand Wiggles announces key leadership changes as Prashant Kohli is promoted to the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Pushkaraj Vartak as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Prashant joined Wiggles as Vice President, Brand Strategy in2022. In his new role as CMO, he will lead the company’s overall marketing initiatives and drive consumer engagement. It is…

Letter to my darling PIXIE

Pixie has played an important role in who I am today, she came in my life when I was struggling with a shocking discovery of a lifelong disease which led to major depression. Her love and trust has completely changed my life and truly given me a second chance to live again! –by Tajinder Singh

Indian VET Expo – Learn from the pro’s

Indian VET Expo 2023 brought forth by PAWS Learning and Research Council (PCRL), was held in the capital city of New Delhi with many renowned speakers. Professor (Dr) Nick Bexfield and Dr. Ed Ives from the United Kingdom along with Indian guest speakers Dr. Bhanu Dev Sharma and Dr. (Prof.) Arun Anand, gave insights about the pet industry and their innovations, advancements, problems and…

Mankind Pharma launches PetStar

“The PetStar brand, which aims to provide nutritious and healthy food for pets (dogs and cats),” says Chanakya Juneja, director Mankind Pharma Ltd in conversation Smita Dwivedi.