Take care of your cat’s claws

What’s more painful than a broken heart? A broken nail! If you are a cat pet parent, you might have faced bleeding nails in your pet at least once. Here’s how you can reduce the pain for your cat if she has a broken nail.


If your cat has a broken nail ‘Do Not’ try to cut or remove the nail. Place your thumb on top of the paw, close to the nails, and your index finger on the large pad on the bottom of the paw. Press your thumb and finger together. This will expose the nail for examination. With the nail exposed, hold a clean cloth or sterile dressing against the nail.

Bleeding should stop in a few minutes. If the cat seems to be in severe pain, or if the bleeding does not stop, don’t delay getting to the veterinarian as continuous bleeding can indicate a bleeding disorder that should be treated promptly.

A lot of pet parents try to clip their pet’s nails at home which might result in injury. If you are inexperienced or your cat is too active and doesn’t stay in one place while getting her nails cut, it is best to take help of someone in your house. You can also visit a professional groomer to get your pet’s nails trimmed.

It is all about the right tools

It is very important to use the right type of nail clipper to avoid problems when cutting cat’s nails. Blunt scissors will take a lot of time to do the job and it will not be done perfectly. While on the other hand, a super sharp clipper can be really dangerous so you have to be really careful while handling it.

Your vet will tell you which is the best clipper to us and he/she will probably have them in stock for sale.

(Joan E. Henderson is a retired All Breeds Cat Judge from Melbourne, Australia)