Woof Yums – Curators of healthy feasts for your furry friend

Natural food or freshly cooked food for pets in India is still an unorganized market, but there is a tremendous potential. Woof Yums provides a professional service to take care of your pet’s nutritional requirements.


Due to the fast-paced life sometimes the nutrition of your pet takes a back seat. A lot of pet parents don’t have the time to cook fresh meals for their pets every day. That’s where Woof Yums comes into play! We are committed to serve fresh home cooked balanced meal twice a day for your four-legged family member.

People do get inspired and think unlike any other startup freshly cooked pet food requires very little work and investment. But the truth is totally different. Pet parents need to be made aware of the benefits and products, a thorough research based on geographical conditions, economic conditions, general acceptance and high level of hygiene is required to finally talk about getting into business of natural pet food.

From modesty to mastery – our humble beginning

It was in 2015 the idea to launch Woof Yums, India’s best professionally managed start-up to create a revolution of feeding freshly cooked food began. We started with a senior pet,who had difficulty in ingesting food due to his severed tongue. He was our first benefactor. And we had promised to provide free meals to him.

Growing on the path of woofs and yums

In the year 2018, we crossed the 300 mark of dispatching meal boxes everyday all across Delhi NCR. The demand grew and we had to increase our office and kitchen timings. Now instead of 6 am we start working from 3:30 am in order to have timely dispatch of food.

Scaling new heights with brilliance

This remained a proverbial question for us and for those who believed in our philosophy (after all we had already spent considerable time since we had started). It was 2019 and Woof Yums was ready for another innovation with India’s first Dehydrated Range of Fresh and Natural Food for pets and strays.

A lot of experimentation and research went into forming more than 30 different meals and natural supplements to suit Indian climate and to keep our furry friends happy and healthy. The meals, which are prepared under stringent hygienic conditions are vacuum packed untouched by hands thereby increasing shelf-life to 6 months and retain freshness as soon as it’s put in hot water.

The food and packing conform to FDA regulations and is available at select stores or you can order online from our website. Pet parents need to be told about the ingredients and the importance in a balanced meal.

Providing the edge of excellence

Woof Yums has been doing its bit to emerge as one stop solution for health and balanced nutrition of furries keeping India and local regions in mind. We do not import ingredients but try to make pet parents aware of locally available alternatives and this helps us keep the cost much lower than what imported products cost.

Celebrating our unparalleled achievements

To complement our endeavor, a documentary was made by Texas University on our unique business module, which was uploaded on YouTube.

Jojo is the brain behind Woof Yums. What started as his passion, is not his life’s mission. He has authored a book called ‘A Dog’s Story’ where he shares his love for his furry friends and his inspirational journey of starting Woof Yums. He has been bestowed with The Most Promising Entrepreneur ‘19 award at Gurugram’s Achievers Award 2019.

He was featured on Dilli Ka Dhakkad’19 (Big FM, Delhi), Skill India Business Award 2023, Haryana Garima Award 2023,The Better India and on several talk shows including All India Radio and Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO). During the deadly first wave of Corona virus, he arranged 50 kg of dog food daily to be fed to more than 400 stray dogs and his efforts have been mentioned in PM’s Mann Ki Baat (Dec’20).