Taking furry festivities a notch higher

Mumbai is Santa’s North Pole on Christmas and New York city on New Year’s Eve. But when you have your beloved pet around, each day is a celebration. Here’s how Zane’s Pet Salon is helping your pet get ready for the upcoming festive season.
–by Zane’s Pet Spa


Zane’s Pet Spa – your pet’s favourite place for grooming, is celebrating this holiday season with lots of fun and woof. Zane Pet Spa is the place to be for international standard pet grooming. With world class-amenities, award-winning groomers, empathetic prices, and a digital tablet that gives you a live view of your pet’s grooming while you sip Zane’s coffee comfortably, wehave it all.

Zane’s Pet Spa – working its magic

We run from 7 am to midnight, Monday to Sunday. We are available for all your pet’s needs – be it a basic nail snip or a breed level intricate haircut. Zane’s will surely become your newest happy place to usher in the spirit of festivities that are going to have you gripped for the next couple of months. And while you embrace the festive spirits, we would like to celebrate you and your pet by launching our brand-new Zane’s Membership Packages. We always want it to be a win-win, in this tug of war with your pet’s favourite squeaky.

‘Fur’tastic Fiesta – Celebrations with care

The tree is up, Christmas carols ringing in the air, the nip in the air best enjoyed with baked goodies, or being the perfect hosts fora New Year’s party! For the upcoming festive season, make sure you and your furry friends are ready and that their grooming game is on point. We do everything to express our joy on these special occasions – which have so much meaning and significance to us. We plan, we prep, we decorate, and want to have a good time. But festivities come with a fair number of booms and bangs for our pets. How to make the world understand that – baby you’re a firework, you don’t need those flashy toxic crackers at all to celebrate festivals and bring in the New Year.

Balancing health and happiness

It is time we all initiate a conversation on how to keep your beloved pets safe and healthy. Keep your sweethearts away from those sweet treats and baked goodies. Dogs have a major sweet tooth and those puppy eyes can melt you.

Our delicious variety of Indian sweets and Christmas cakes are rich in fat and made with dairy products that aren’t safe for your pets. Apart from watching their weight, they can cause diarrhoea and even be fatal to pets that have allergies. Be careful with the decorations as well, whether it is a small rangoli to bring in the New Year or Christmas ornaments.

Paws at peace

Create a safe haven for your pet this festive season. Every pet has a safe space, just like us, believe it or not. Maybe yours is your mama’s lap and maybe your pet’s is yours! Keep the windows shut and the light exposure natural, create a cuddle corner in their usual favourite space. They would love a refuge they can retreat to. And not to forget extra love and care to warm up the heart in the upcoming cold months!