FANTASTIC FELINES –simply fabulous!


Dr Ankur Narad
Cats are majestic, classy and super curious. Get mesmerised by these eight breeds of feline beauties from across the world and know more about their amazing attributes.
SIBERIAN – Agile and intelligent
Siberian is a natural breed and has been around for at least as long as recorded history. Agile and intelligent, this cat breed is hefty, sturdy with medium longhair, good temperament and varied eye colours. Nature provides protective coat for this cat to survive in the harsh Russian climate.
SINGAPURA – Distinguished large eyes
Singapura is a small, shorthaired cat distinguished by her large eyes and her unusual warm beige coloured and brown ticked coat. She is considered as the smallest among all cat breeds.
SOMALI –The little fox
She is the little fox of cat fancy. While Somali is generally known as the longhaired Abyssinian, she truly is her own breed, and her longer hair, fluffier tail and breeches, and full plume tail do truly give her a look that resembles a wild fox. She is recognised in ruddy, red, blue and fawn colours.
SPHYNX – Hairless beauty
Sphynx, a.k.a. ‘the hairless cat’ is not always totally hairless. Her hair can be found down on the body, which makes her feel like warm peach. The texture of Sphynx’s skin is resembled with suede, a hot water bottle, or a heated chamois.
TONKINESE –Socially active & playful
Beautiful, medium sized, surprisingly heavy and muscular cat with short soft silky fur, Tonkinese is socially active and playful breed. She is also a loving lap cat. Tonkinese comes in four base colours and three coat patterns for twelve varieties. The coat patterns are varying amounts of contrast between body and points.
TOYBOB – Always a kitten in nature
Toybob is a small sized cat from Russia. She retains her kitten like appeal well into adulthood. Toybob has a kinked and bobbed tail. She comes in all colours with either a short or semi long coat. She is a great family pet with her docile, playful and very affectionate nature. This gentle breed enjoys attention and interaction, making herself a terrific pet for senior pet parents and children.
TURKISH ANGORA – Graceful silky coat
Originated in turkey, Turkish Angora is a semi long-haired cat. She is characterised with a long body and graceful with a fine silky coat. Though solid white is the most well known colour, Turkish Angora comes in a variety of additional colours and patterns.
TURKISH VAN – Loyal & loving companion
Turkish Van is a semi long-haired breed with soft fur and distinctive colour pattern—a white body with a coloured tail and coloured markings on her head. An old natural breed from the Middle East, Turkish Van has a very muscular body which portrays balance and power. They are very loyal and loving companions.
(Dr Ankur Narad is from RGCN Pet Clinic, Bhopal; and Dr Supriya Shukla is Professor and Head Department of Pathology, Veterinary College, Mhow, MP)