Step-by-step guide to brush your pooch’s teeth


Brushing your pooch’s teeth everyday is ideal, but even three days a week is sufficient.  Make it a routine and brush his teeth when he is calm and relaxed.
Step 1: Take a dual end toothbrush.
Step 2: Use dog toothpaste and put a small quantity on the brush.
Step 3: Sit in front or beside your dog  for better reach.
Step 4: Lift his upper lip and approach his teeth with the brush at a 45 degree angle.
Step 5: Use a circular motion to brush his premolars and molars.
Step 6: Repeat the procedure with incisors and canine teeth.
Step 7: Assure him during the process and give him a treat once the brushing is over.
(Aneesha Rai runs DAWGZ Grooming & More, a one-stop shop for toys, treats and spa treatments for dogs, at Mumbai)