Treasure – that is what you are…


Treasure your dog as he treasures you. He senses your each and every move not to forget your emotions, tone of your voice- specially when you need that cold nose and cuddle- enquiring if all is great. They always have that- I AM THEIR….and I CAN HELP. In school – I lost a camera while on a picnic- on returning home, sitting on the dining table was very upset. My little four-legged friend (a growly Spitz by nature) – called Teddy (having attributes of a grizzly bear) – took it upon himself to wipe my tears away. He jumped on the chair then on the table- sat right in front of me and wiped my tears away… till date I do miss him and some of our childhood fondest memories revolve around him!,
These action and energy beings are multi talented- do read our article K-9 Superheroes with Super Powers where in you will get an insight into their tremendous capabilities. Small or large breed, pedigree or stray – they all know how to love and be loved. As pet parents there are some common mistakes which we should avoid. We talked to vets, trainers and groomers and have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts for your pet. Pooches bring a lot of love and cheer in our lives. But, did you ever give a thought on whether your pooch is contented or not? In this issue, we also give a formula on how to keep your pooch truly contented.
With festivals just round the corner, do ensure your pet’s routine is maintained. Dogs become very restless when firecrackers are burst. So, be extra cautious during that time and give them all love and support they deserve. A few tips are being shared in this issue to make festivals an enjoyable time for all.
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